Progress on socks on one circular needle

Now that I know what I am doing this is progressing quickly, and is nice to transport in my purse to knit. It's nice not to have a bunch of dp's sticking out and my stitches coming off.

I am actually using a 32 inch long needle, I know it calls for a 40 inch. I think this would make it easier, but I have had no trouble. I am using sock yarn, maybe the 40 inch would be necessary if you were using a bulkier yarn.



The author emailed me, (many thanks, with corrections to the book)

You’ll want to make the following changes to the technique section of the book, and then check Storey Publishing’s web site for the errata in a couple of charts. Changing the steps below will make this a smooth process (honest!)

Step 17: next to last sentence should read “End having just worked a right side row”

Turning the Heels, last sentence should read ”…beginning with sock A”

Step 18: Should read “On heel flap A…”

Step 22, 23: change all B’s to A’s.

Once I got this, things breezed along. I am already planning on trying another pair.

With the heel turned and the gusset almost done I am getting excited.

This is the only circular needle method that I have found that you can use your favorite sock pattern. (well except for magic loop) which is very similar.


  1. Don't you love knitting on circulars? I use the "socks of two circs" method. It's so much easier than dpns. You are doing a really good job on yours.

  2. That's definately on my "to do list" - learn to knit socks on circular needles. I hear you on all the points sticking out.


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