Craft show finally here!! Teaching knitting

It is the 29 th and this is the last night I will have time off before the Christmas Craft Show! I think I have everything that is on my many lists packed. I am trying to remind myself to just relax now and have fun.

I decided to give any money that I make from the knitted items to DAV. I will be happy if I break even on my quilts, and pleased if I make a little money.

The weather forecast is suppose to be partly sunny and 51 on sat and 90% chance of rain on sun and about 60.

So I'm hoping a lot of people come to shop on sat. That is the day they have breakfast with Santa and the Christmas parade.

I am teaching people to knit at work during lunch. It has been fun for me and funny. As a long time knitter it is easy to forget to tell people the little things. How we automatically hold the needles and yarn. Trying to find a comfortable way with each person has been a challenge for me. I knit continental, or pick method, my grandmother taught me that way. I do know how to throw or English knit. This seems to be easier to teach the beginners with the exception of people who crochet. They seem to find the continental method easier. (Of the very few I have taught)

So I have started them on medium bulky wt. yarn scarves. Wow some are already done, on to another and board and ready for something else. I am having trouble trying to decide what to suggest. Maybe an easy shrug? Hat? I can't remember what I started with. I found a pattern for a cardi wrap that is all stockingnet stitch that I thought would be good, although, too big of a project?

I guess I will just take a bunch of knitting books in and let them browse and see what happens. Then off to the yarn store!!

Remember to keep knitting.


Knitting in public....Politically correct??? When??

When it is OK to knit in public? Certainly on the bus, subway, at lunch and break. But what about meetings? Church?

I was preparing to go to a wedding yesterday. I was hot into knitting something. And had a fleeting thought, "I would really like to knit on this at the reception".

Would this be regarded as rude? Would I seem unsociable? I have had people comment to me before that they thought I was being rude. Well it never occurred to me, people go out for a smoke break, (although that is getting less acceptable, even though I live in the tobacco belt, where almost everyone smokes)

So in the end I didn't take my knitting and we were off to the wedding.

Imagine my absolute delight when after being at the reception for awhile a young women with a man with dreadlocks, pulled some needles from her bag and started knitting. I was most pleased, I excused myself from my table and beat it over to hers. After all, if we are knitters we are not strangers. I sat and we immediately bonded and talked.

So in the end I wished I had taken my knitting, but was even more pleased to find someone else who had......

Happy knitting....
picture from the blog at http://needled.wordpress.com/2007/06/
A charming blog!! Check it out!!


Full Moon....

Full moon here..

Great knitting gift ideas....

I always like to carry a pair of socks in progress, never know when I will have a few minutes to knit. But I always have problems with my stitches coming off of the needles, if you have the same problem or need a good gift for a sock knitter, check these out!!! DPW WIP tubes.

In addition to that I love this set of needles, not all people would like these, but my grandmother taught me to knit and we used very old needles, so I have a odd collection of the steel needles, I like this set of nickel plates DP needles. My stitches zip along on these, so if you love the Addi Turbo needles, I think you would like these.

Yes, by now you have figured out that in addition to yarn I love buying needles and knitting accessories.

Happy shopping, may you always have good shopping Karma...


Dominiknitrix, gauge swatch

The Dominiknitrix. I bought this book after hearing someone (sorry I forgot who) on a podcast recommend it. It does empower you to knit. It actually changed my view on knitting/quilting (or anything really). Yes I CAN knit this. Jump in and learn and master. She has many good tips on simple things also. Gauge swatches, who loves them? I had been gauge swatching for years, and using the (I believe Elizabeth Zimmerman) technique of knotting the tail of my yarn with the number of knots to correspond the size of my needle that I used, Dominiknitrix suggests that we knit several rows, then purl (or use your pattern stitch) then knit the corresponding number of stitches of the needles that was used. I like this technique better and it gives a lot of info on the gauge of various kinds of stitches, after washing, you get a wide variety of ideas of what is going on with your yarn. From oops...it runs, looks crappy in this pattern, is a general pain, oooo I love it!!, this is it!!!

This is just a short example of ideas that come from the book, I expected a funny/quirky book, but actually got one full of great information, this woman is a yarn Lewis and Clark. Great ideas and it will make you think about your knitting, and empower you. I think the title is great, but misleading also.

Check the book out!!

Remember I have needles and I'm not afraid to use them....

Eat, Knit, Eat, Knit, Eat, walkt the dogs, Knit, Eat...

On Thanksgiving, we both ate until we were bursting, and of course I got a lot of knitting in.

I had to work days, so when I arrived home my hubby had been working in the kitchen making a puff pastry, veggie dish. It was very good. And weighed about 25 lbs.

In between eating, snoozing and a lot of knitting, I did a little dog walking, so I could eat some pumpkin pie, (my favorite)!!!

I am totally off of the quilting until after the craft show, but am on a scarf knitting marathon...Gonna switch to bigger needles.

If you have not seen my list of "things to buy for your knitters" check it out! May it give you some ideas to add to your own wish list, or help a non knitter buy a gift.

Enjoy your shopping if you are brave enough to venture out today, and of course, take out some time to knit....

Remember I've got needles and I'm not afraid to use them...


rag quilts and quilts.....

Here are some of the rag quilts, now I think I need to make some table runners or how about some tree skirts....OOOOO....


scarves, scarves, scarves.....

Well in my spare time I have been knitting scarves, hopefully I will be able to sell these at the craft show.
Yes, I know a few of these have the leftover "funfur" in them. eek.... If I can't sell them, it's off to Goodwill, or maybe some homeless people will want them....

Quilted table runners for Christmas...

Now I just had a marathon quilting/sewing/washing session on sat. Officially told myself "I am done with the quilts for the craft show" Now just 12 hours later, I am thinking, Ohhhh...I don't actually have anything that is Christmas inspired. Maybe some simple quilted table runners. Have to put on my thinking cap. Who use to say that? Tom Terrific? Woo I am dating myself now...LOL

Captain Kangaroo10/3/1955 - 12/8/1984 CBS1955-1969 Black and White1969-1984 Color
Tom Terrific1957


Oops,,back to the yarn store...

I did make a rather big yarn purchase....
Found this pattern and then had to find some yarn to go with it.
I needed something, I am still madly knitting and quilting for the craft show. After it is done, I am going to start working on this.....
In the directions it says to work from two skein at a time, using one for one row and the second for the next row, to keep the pattern random. I have never heard of this, it sounds like rather a pain, but possibly a good idea.


Easy Scarf

I found some yarn on sale at Joann's, Sensations Marvel yarn. It is 100% wool in a thick/thin twist. It says it was made in Turkey, normally I don't buy yarn there, but I had a coupon and was buying quilting material and ended up looking at sale yarn. I don't know how much it was regularly but I got it for 1.50 each. So I bought 4 blue colorway, 4 red/orange colorway. It is knitting up pretty. I just am using #13 needles and cast on 15 stitches, I am going to see how long one skein gets me, at only 98 yd I think I will need more than one per scarf. Going to try to sell them at the Christmas craft show.

Check it out!!

And of course more quilts....


More flannel, more quilts, more clipping....

And the craftiness goes on......I ended up going to Joann's and buying some more flannel. Had 5 prints left and was going to try and put them together and get a scrappy quilt, but the perfectionist in me reared her head. 80 Dollars later at Joann's enough to make me happy for now. The countdown continues. Dec 1 is the craft show date.

I am teaching two woman at work to knit. Trying to get my knitting mojo back. Funny how much we take for granted when trying to teach someone to knit. We do so many little movements automatically.
The funniest thing that was said so far during learning....OK I finished a row, how do I get all of these stitches back on my left needle to make another row?

Funniest thing #2, my girlfriend that beads. I told her, "oh, why don't you make some stitch markers, they will be quick and cute, saying things like knit, ktog, purl, ssk."
So she comes in to work with all of these little markers, and one of them says "pearl"??
After they knit for awhile, we rip and start again, finally a man comes into the break room from the room next door and says "what is going on?".
This is what our conversation sounds like; "poke it into the back, wrap it towards the back, OK, now poke it into the front, wrap it around the front. Remember Poke, wrap....wheeeee.....(as we know from Lime N Violet)

Keep your needles handy!!


Knitting humor...

Rag quilts, rag quilts, rag quilts....

I am on the countdown of the Christmas craft fair, and am a little bonkers. I have been quilting non-stop. (My knitting has suffered).
Finally got my husband to help me cut squares, he cut about 50 squares and thought he was done. LOL (hysterically at this point) No we have about 60 yards more to cut. No to mention the batting. I like to reveal things a little at a time to him.
It's going well, I finally have it down to an assembly line method, not as inspiring. I started out with each one being a different design, then after a minor panic set it, decided I had to have a better plan.
Soooo... 30 quilts done today, and still at work. I have started calling it our (my girlfriend is making jewelry) Craftastrophie, or it may be Craftastic, we are definitely getting Craftitis and hopefully this will not develop into a case of Craftphobia.
I do have about 15 knitted scarves done. Am trying to do more of those also.
On the bright side this is a good way to diet, Not sure what I would name that.
Until then...Keep knitting...


Frogged Pyramid Sweater

Here is the yarn that I frogged from the cursed Pyramid Sweater, with a different color each row it was a trial. I may try the pattern again with different yarn.

I love the Ruana that is on the Panopticon blog, beautiful. But I don't think I have enough to make it, Hummm. that would involve another forray to the yarn store.
Keep your needles close...


Christmas List for your advanced or extreme knitter...

See previous posts for other ideas for your knitters....

Advanced knitter or Extreme knitting
An advanced knitter usually makes their own patterns, if you don't know a tip is when you walk into their living space there is a life size knitted unicorn setting on the sofa.
All links are just examples to help you, not to plug a certain store or person, with no financial gain to myself. I picked the ones I would probably purchase if I was shopping the web, which I love to do. Good Luck.

1. Knitpics.com has a "option where your knitter may develop a knitting needle collection that individually suits her needs" This looks like a Denise needle set but you may pick what your needle tips and cable lengths you want. Looks very nice. Gift certificate would be great.
2. A set of Luxury Ebony Knitting Needles, I have not used these, but have heard people rave about them. Expensive! Or as a more affordable option a set of bamboo or rosewood.
3. Woolwash, this would be good for any knitter.
4. An Umbrella Swift, handy, especially if you live with your knitter and are tired of helping to wind yarn.
5. This is something that is lovely, and I started lusting after one of them the first time I saw them advertised. Sterling silver rings (for your finger) with either a cable or knit pattern. I do think they are overpriced at $150.00.
5. Double point needle stitch holder, Very nice if your knitter loves to make socks.
6. Sheep tape measure, these are so cute, and if you can a black sheep one is especially nice for the naughty knitter.
7. How about a silk knitting needle case! How fun and sexy.
8.The Daylight Ultimate Tabletop Lamp is great to knit with, I find it nice with darker colors of yarn, I can really see what I am knitting. I have seen a cheaper version at some fabric stores also.
9. Any knitter, needs to keep her hands in shape. Try Rescue Derm, I really like this product, and have terminally dry hands. Or next on my list is a body butter, I really like these.
10. I also love Space bags they are great for storing your yarn stash with no worries about moisture, smells or bugs. I also like these bags, multi packs to take with me when I go on a trip, I never leave an essential item behind that way.
Don't forget to look at my other lists, there are things there I didn't want to repeat. More ideas for Christmas shopping.
Hope this helps, from a knitter in a non knitting family.
Happy knitting..and shopping..


Ideas for your intermediate knitter for Chirstmas...

Intermediate Knitter Christmas List gifts
A intermediate knitter can be someone who knits sweaters, socks, mittens/gloves, cardigans, and is starting to make up their own patterns and experiment.
All links are just examples to help you, not to plug a certain store or person, with no financial gain to myself. I picked the ones I would probably purchase if I was shopping the web, which I love to do. Good Luck.

1. A set of Denise Needles When you discover your gauge calls for a needle one size larger or smaller than you planned, with the flexibility of Denise Interchangeable Needles, you’ll always have the right size ready.
Needle lengths—Circular and Straight: By joining the Interchangeable Needle heads to the flexible cords, and by combining different length cords together, each of the ten needle pairs can make many combinations of straight and circular needles.
The only gripe I have about these is that they are plastic, but very handy, I keep them in my knitting bag, especially for a trip, I hate to travel and not have the one pair of needles that I need.
2. Gift certificate from their local yarn store or Internet store.
3. If you have a local yarn store, go there, they probably know your knitter and will help you pick out something.
4. Knitting Journal, maybe leather bound? Or a green person? This link can help you pick out one you especially like. Take note of what she keeps her notes in now. Some knitters like small journal, some larger, able to add pages, spiral bound or ring?
5. Comfort cuffs, by now your knitter may have some repetitive stress injuries or should try and prevent getting them. These are nice and can be used hot or cold.
6. Gadget bag, this is cute, small and holds everything you may need to take with you, or keep together at home.
7. A set of wooden cable needles are a nice stocking stuffer. Affordable yet classy and will last forever.
8. Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape, I think this book is wonderful. It gives you tons of information about structuring your knitwear, patterns and gives a different attitude toward knitting.
Or another good option is Fitted Knits: 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter
Not that I buy so many books from Amazon, but I do love their reviews, check it out.
9. YARN!! I especially like to try Etsy and some of the yarn that is handmade and handyed by individuals. Two of my favorites are Fearless Fibers and Black Bunny Fibers!
10. Music to knit by! If not a CD, then think about a ipod, or mp3 player, there are so many great knitting podcasts to listen to! They come in all price ranges.

Happy knitting and shopping!!


Ideas for a beginning knitter for Christmas presents.....

This is for everyone who loves a knitter but doesn't know what to get them.... I am planning on posting 3 lists: beginning, intermediate and advanced knitters. This is just what I use and love throughout knitter's life, may it help you or someone you know!!

Beginning knitter (someone who mostly knits, hat, scarves, afghan's, wraps, basic shell, felted purses, are a few of the items I started with.
All links are just examples to help you, not to plug a certain store or person, with no financial gain to myself. I picked the ones I would probably purchase if I was shopping the web, which I love to do. Good Luck.
1. A knitting needle case, your beginning knitter is probably trying all kinds of needles, so a case for them would get her organized. These are beautiful and she makes bags also http://www.crippenworks.com/cpwframeindex.html

2. A good knitting book. One to keep in your knitting bag to refer to. I especially like The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe. It is small enough to carry everywhere and has answers to all questions simple and complex. If your knitter is just learning the Internet has many videos that she/he can view or a good book is Teach Yourself Visually Knitting (Teach Yourself Visually) (Paperback), Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks or Knitting without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

3. Knitting markers, there are so many cute ones on ETSY, just browse around and you can find ones that match your knitters personality. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=7342133

4. Gotta have a good needle gauge, I have gone through many plastic ones and recommend a metal one if your knitter looks serious. http://www.mielkesfarm.com/knit_tls.htm

5. Knitting magazine subscription, Family Circle Easy Knitting is probably the most basic that I have seen, Vogue Knitting for the dreamer, it does have a few easy patterns in each issue, and Knitters Mag has a variety.

6. A Knitting Journal/Notebook, This can be handmade, simple to elegant, I have used 3 ring binders, composition books (these come with funky covers now) I have come to love the medium size journals with the rings to bind, I include mag pages, pieces of yarn etc...so these allow for expansion.http://gifts.barnesandnoble.com/home-office/writing-journals.asp?z=y

7. Of course you can't go wrong with a gift certificate to your local yarn store.

8. If you have a local yarn store I encourage you to go there and they will usually be very helpful.

9. Small scissors or folding scissors. http://www.scissorsales.com/7-21.html

10. Any clothing, jewelry, socks etc...with a knitting theme.

Hopefully this will help some knitters get something they want for Christmas!!

Happy knitting...

Next A wish list for the intermediate knitter....


cards to our troops

I got this sent to me and thought it was nice.
Something cool that Xerox is doingIf you go to this web site, www.LetsSayThanks.com you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services.How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! This is a great site. Please send a card. It is FREE and it only takes a second.Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our guys and gals over there need to know we are behind them...

Has a pattern ever cast a spell on you?

I bet you know what I mean.
I was very happy with myself, setting in a bookstore, early in the morning , with a cup of coffee and my new knitting mag. I bought this specific one because I had been flipping through and there was a lovely picture of a beautiful women in a field with a dreamy sweater on. Everything was perfect, her hair, the field, flowers and of course especially the sweater.
Over the next several weeks I picked up the mag and kept looking at the sweater. Well this lead to me buying everything I needed to make it online (this was Fall of 2000, yes I am ashamed to tell you this).
Over the years of knitting, I have pulled this sweater out and worked on it, first the pattern was confusing, then I decided it needed ribbed cuffs, because wind would blow up my sleeves, and if I was going to have ribbed cuffs I needed a higher collar.
Yes, since you are probably a knitter you can see where this is going, I ran out of yarn, bought more, not the right color, got a contrasting color. No that's not right either.
It has taken me almost exactly 7 years, but I have finally decided to frog the whole thing. http://www.joslynsfiberfarm.com/pyramid.htm

Now I am on a quest of what I can do with this lovely yarn, as the pattern called for alternating rows of many colors.
Spell broken? Or was it the yarn instead of the sweater that I fell in love with?

Time to rejoice and begin again..
Oh joyfully we frog
while sitting on a log
with one faithful dog
in the middle of a bog
oh here comes the fog....

Stand back..I have needles and I'm not afraid to use them!