Has a pattern ever cast a spell on you?

I bet you know what I mean.
I was very happy with myself, setting in a bookstore, early in the morning , with a cup of coffee and my new knitting mag. I bought this specific one because I had been flipping through and there was a lovely picture of a beautiful women in a field with a dreamy sweater on. Everything was perfect, her hair, the field, flowers and of course especially the sweater.
Over the next several weeks I picked up the mag and kept looking at the sweater. Well this lead to me buying everything I needed to make it online (this was Fall of 2000, yes I am ashamed to tell you this).
Over the years of knitting, I have pulled this sweater out and worked on it, first the pattern was confusing, then I decided it needed ribbed cuffs, because wind would blow up my sleeves, and if I was going to have ribbed cuffs I needed a higher collar.
Yes, since you are probably a knitter you can see where this is going, I ran out of yarn, bought more, not the right color, got a contrasting color. No that's not right either.
It has taken me almost exactly 7 years, but I have finally decided to frog the whole thing. http://www.joslynsfiberfarm.com/pyramid.htm

Now I am on a quest of what I can do with this lovely yarn, as the pattern called for alternating rows of many colors.
Spell broken? Or was it the yarn instead of the sweater that I fell in love with?

Time to rejoice and begin again..
Oh joyfully we frog
while sitting on a log
with one faithful dog
in the middle of a bog
oh here comes the fog....

Stand back..I have needles and I'm not afraid to use them!


  1. Vicki, I see that you have Colorjoy listed on your sidebar. Lynn is a good friend of mine, and her Colorjoy Stole might be the perfect pattern for the yarns you have frogged from the Pyramid Sweater. If not, let it marinate. Beautiful yarns will always find a good home eventually.

  2. Check out my post on Ruana Pond. I have a link to another blog (Franklin)who has made a Ruana using the same pattern from Folk Shawls that I am going to use. It is a very cool wrap.


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