Craft show finally here!! Teaching knitting

It is the 29 th and this is the last night I will have time off before the Christmas Craft Show! I think I have everything that is on my many lists packed. I am trying to remind myself to just relax now and have fun.

I decided to give any money that I make from the knitted items to DAV. I will be happy if I break even on my quilts, and pleased if I make a little money.

The weather forecast is suppose to be partly sunny and 51 on sat and 90% chance of rain on sun and about 60.

So I'm hoping a lot of people come to shop on sat. That is the day they have breakfast with Santa and the Christmas parade.

I am teaching people to knit at work during lunch. It has been fun for me and funny. As a long time knitter it is easy to forget to tell people the little things. How we automatically hold the needles and yarn. Trying to find a comfortable way with each person has been a challenge for me. I knit continental, or pick method, my grandmother taught me that way. I do know how to throw or English knit. This seems to be easier to teach the beginners with the exception of people who crochet. They seem to find the continental method easier. (Of the very few I have taught)

So I have started them on medium bulky wt. yarn scarves. Wow some are already done, on to another and board and ready for something else. I am having trouble trying to decide what to suggest. Maybe an easy shrug? Hat? I can't remember what I started with. I found a pattern for a cardi wrap that is all stockingnet stitch that I thought would be good, although, too big of a project?

I guess I will just take a bunch of knitting books in and let them browse and see what happens. Then off to the yarn store!!

Remember to keep knitting.

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