Ideas for your intermediate knitter for Chirstmas...

Intermediate Knitter Christmas List gifts
A intermediate knitter can be someone who knits sweaters, socks, mittens/gloves, cardigans, and is starting to make up their own patterns and experiment.
All links are just examples to help you, not to plug a certain store or person, with no financial gain to myself. I picked the ones I would probably purchase if I was shopping the web, which I love to do. Good Luck.

1. A set of Denise Needles When you discover your gauge calls for a needle one size larger or smaller than you planned, with the flexibility of Denise Interchangeable Needles, you’ll always have the right size ready.
Needle lengths—Circular and Straight: By joining the Interchangeable Needle heads to the flexible cords, and by combining different length cords together, each of the ten needle pairs can make many combinations of straight and circular needles.
The only gripe I have about these is that they are plastic, but very handy, I keep them in my knitting bag, especially for a trip, I hate to travel and not have the one pair of needles that I need.
2. Gift certificate from their local yarn store or Internet store.
3. If you have a local yarn store, go there, they probably know your knitter and will help you pick out something.
4. Knitting Journal, maybe leather bound? Or a green person? This link can help you pick out one you especially like. Take note of what she keeps her notes in now. Some knitters like small journal, some larger, able to add pages, spiral bound or ring?
5. Comfort cuffs, by now your knitter may have some repetitive stress injuries or should try and prevent getting them. These are nice and can be used hot or cold.
6. Gadget bag, this is cute, small and holds everything you may need to take with you, or keep together at home.
7. A set of wooden cable needles are a nice stocking stuffer. Affordable yet classy and will last forever.
8. Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape, I think this book is wonderful. It gives you tons of information about structuring your knitwear, patterns and gives a different attitude toward knitting.
Or another good option is Fitted Knits: 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter
Not that I buy so many books from Amazon, but I do love their reviews, check it out.
9. YARN!! I especially like to try Etsy and some of the yarn that is handmade and handyed by individuals. Two of my favorites are Fearless Fibers and Black Bunny Fibers!
10. Music to knit by! If not a CD, then think about a ipod, or mp3 player, there are so many great knitting podcasts to listen to! They come in all price ranges.

Happy knitting and shopping!!

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