Christmas List for your advanced or extreme knitter...

See previous posts for other ideas for your knitters....

Advanced knitter or Extreme knitting
An advanced knitter usually makes their own patterns, if you don't know a tip is when you walk into their living space there is a life size knitted unicorn setting on the sofa.
All links are just examples to help you, not to plug a certain store or person, with no financial gain to myself. I picked the ones I would probably purchase if I was shopping the web, which I love to do. Good Luck.

1. Knitpics.com has a "option where your knitter may develop a knitting needle collection that individually suits her needs" This looks like a Denise needle set but you may pick what your needle tips and cable lengths you want. Looks very nice. Gift certificate would be great.
2. A set of Luxury Ebony Knitting Needles, I have not used these, but have heard people rave about them. Expensive! Or as a more affordable option a set of bamboo or rosewood.
3. Woolwash, this would be good for any knitter.
4. An Umbrella Swift, handy, especially if you live with your knitter and are tired of helping to wind yarn.
5. This is something that is lovely, and I started lusting after one of them the first time I saw them advertised. Sterling silver rings (for your finger) with either a cable or knit pattern. I do think they are overpriced at $150.00.
5. Double point needle stitch holder, Very nice if your knitter loves to make socks.
6. Sheep tape measure, these are so cute, and if you can a black sheep one is especially nice for the naughty knitter.
7. How about a silk knitting needle case! How fun and sexy.
8.The Daylight Ultimate Tabletop Lamp is great to knit with, I find it nice with darker colors of yarn, I can really see what I am knitting. I have seen a cheaper version at some fabric stores also.
9. Any knitter, needs to keep her hands in shape. Try Rescue Derm, I really like this product, and have terminally dry hands. Or next on my list is a body butter, I really like these.
10. I also love Space bags they are great for storing your yarn stash with no worries about moisture, smells or bugs. I also like these bags, multi packs to take with me when I go on a trip, I never leave an essential item behind that way.
Don't forget to look at my other lists, there are things there I didn't want to repeat. More ideas for Christmas shopping.
Hope this helps, from a knitter in a non knitting family.
Happy knitting..and shopping..

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