Dominiknitrix, gauge swatch

The Dominiknitrix. I bought this book after hearing someone (sorry I forgot who) on a podcast recommend it. It does empower you to knit. It actually changed my view on knitting/quilting (or anything really). Yes I CAN knit this. Jump in and learn and master. She has many good tips on simple things also. Gauge swatches, who loves them? I had been gauge swatching for years, and using the (I believe Elizabeth Zimmerman) technique of knotting the tail of my yarn with the number of knots to correspond the size of my needle that I used, Dominiknitrix suggests that we knit several rows, then purl (or use your pattern stitch) then knit the corresponding number of stitches of the needles that was used. I like this technique better and it gives a lot of info on the gauge of various kinds of stitches, after washing, you get a wide variety of ideas of what is going on with your yarn. From oops...it runs, looks crappy in this pattern, is a general pain, oooo I love it!!, this is it!!!

This is just a short example of ideas that come from the book, I expected a funny/quirky book, but actually got one full of great information, this woman is a yarn Lewis and Clark. Great ideas and it will make you think about your knitting, and empower you. I think the title is great, but misleading also.

Check the book out!!

Remember I have needles and I'm not afraid to use them....

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