More flannel, more quilts, more clipping....

And the craftiness goes on......I ended up going to Joann's and buying some more flannel. Had 5 prints left and was going to try and put them together and get a scrappy quilt, but the perfectionist in me reared her head. 80 Dollars later at Joann's enough to make me happy for now. The countdown continues. Dec 1 is the craft show date.

I am teaching two woman at work to knit. Trying to get my knitting mojo back. Funny how much we take for granted when trying to teach someone to knit. We do so many little movements automatically.
The funniest thing that was said so far during learning....OK I finished a row, how do I get all of these stitches back on my left needle to make another row?

Funniest thing #2, my girlfriend that beads. I told her, "oh, why don't you make some stitch markers, they will be quick and cute, saying things like knit, ktog, purl, ssk."
So she comes in to work with all of these little markers, and one of them says "pearl"??
After they knit for awhile, we rip and start again, finally a man comes into the break room from the room next door and says "what is going on?".
This is what our conversation sounds like; "poke it into the back, wrap it towards the back, OK, now poke it into the front, wrap it around the front. Remember Poke, wrap....wheeeee.....(as we know from Lime N Violet)

Keep your needles handy!!

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  1. that's funny the conversation someone would hear walking by, wondering what their thinking?


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