Eat, Knit, Eat, Knit, Eat, walkt the dogs, Knit, Eat...

On Thanksgiving, we both ate until we were bursting, and of course I got a lot of knitting in.

I had to work days, so when I arrived home my hubby had been working in the kitchen making a puff pastry, veggie dish. It was very good. And weighed about 25 lbs.

In between eating, snoozing and a lot of knitting, I did a little dog walking, so I could eat some pumpkin pie, (my favorite)!!!

I am totally off of the quilting until after the craft show, but am on a scarf knitting marathon...Gonna switch to bigger needles.

If you have not seen my list of "things to buy for your knitters" check it out! May it give you some ideas to add to your own wish list, or help a non knitter buy a gift.

Enjoy your shopping if you are brave enough to venture out today, and of course, take out some time to knit....

Remember I've got needles and I'm not afraid to use them...

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