Gauge help!

Gauge info (please read me!, I will save you many hours of heart break)
I know it takes time and is a pain , but REALLY it is the key to happy knitting!
Gauge adjustment calculator in Excel from Confusion in Glass and String blogGot Gauge? this site tell you all about it, how to get it, and how important it isThinking beyond the pattern from Knitty and Jenna Wilson, a great in depth article on gauge and how it alters your finished item.Drape, and choosing yarns, from KD Sandi and Knitting Daily

Knitting that Sweater in your Yarn from, gives you some conversion info, if you can't get that perfect gauge.

Designing on your own how to start from cjwyche/handspun

The knitting Gauge converter by, free and great
Have more great info? Let me know and I'll be happy to add it here!
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Understanding Knitting Gauge by Mary Smith- A great assortment of everything you need to know about gauge in a plain spoken helpful way. Great resource!