My yarny ideas

My free yarny ideas..enjoy

You can print these out in PDF, word or txt files
Accidental Shawl or Wrap pattern (knitted, easy, can be put together and worn several ways.
Baby Bunting Pattern  (knitted, easy) A knitted in the round baby bunting, easy quick and a nice gift. (bad photo, sorry, was in a hurry to wrap it up as a gift)
Buttons, Polymer Clay Custom Buttons-Easy and fun for your knitted items. can't find the right button? Make it yourself. See also this post!
Knitted Flat Hat-(knitted, easy, suitable for beginner) This pattern is fast, uses super bulky yarn, and is great for beginners or anyone who needs a fast hat.
Chunky Cable Scarf (knitted, easy) This is a good pattern for a quick scarf, suitable for anyone, and a good pattern for into to cable knitting.
Clothspin Toy Soldier Christmas Ornament Tutorial-Fun and easy, cheap gift, great to add to packages.
Crochet Felted Bags, Easy to crochet percentage system, make any size you need, fun and good for beginner or expert.
Crochet Plant Hanger- crochet and easy, you can make this fit any pot to hang it. Chain stich and sc only.
Hills & Valley Cowl/Hood - (knit, easy) a cowl that can be knitted short or longer to pull up as a hood. Simple knitted texture stitches.
Knitting a Bird house (knitted, easy) This is my first attempt at knitting a bird house with floral wire, fun and nice to look at in the yard.
Knitted Birdhouse #2 (knitted, easy) A bird house knitted from floral wire and lined with  foamies, a fun project.
Laptop Bag pattern (easy, crochet) this is a fast simple bag. It can be used for a laptop, ipad, knitting, lunch, clutch, and of course a knitting bag. Suitable for beginning crocheters.
Neck Gaitor / Hat or cap pattern This rib pattern is easy to make, looks good and it very flexible in use and size of head. A real winner with all of my family. Don't carry a hat and scarf any longer, good for the out door  men/boys also.
Moss on the Trail Scarf (crochet, easy) This easy crochet pattern is suitable for a beginning project, yet looks more complicated.
Scrappy Felted Bag pattern, to crochet This is a pattern for a crochet felted bag, I have designed it, so you can make it any size with any type yarn you desire! Enjoy!
Scrappy Shawl Pattern knitted This pattern is a triangle shawl that allows you to use up all of your little good leftovers, great if you spin, and have left overs too precious to discard. Fun and grows fast. This can look elegant or homey, can wear it several ways, I even have used one as a throw on my sofa
Speedy Triangle Wrap A basic pattern that can be added to with stitches, cables, colorwork etc... Or just great to use up those bits of yarn in your stash. A great super fast gift.
Shell Baby Blanket crochet pattern This pattern is from a girlfriend's mother in law, she made many of these blankets. It is quick to crochet, and use two different yarns. Making my progress quick and pretty. Great last minute gift that looks elegant. (easy, crochet)
Slippers, like your Grandma made I was searching for this pattern, I had made it many years ago, thanks to The These slippers are time honored and long lasting. Can be made for any size feet. (easy, knitted)
Slouchy Knitted Flat Hat This pattern is extremely easy and fast, knitted flat using super bulky yarn!
Spiral cable scarf This scarf is a tighter cable version of the chunky cable scarf. Easy and fun.
Tutorial on Dyeing yarn with Kool Aid and other acid colors Fast, fun and easy. Dye some of your own custom yarn to knit with!  More info here...

Enjoy these!!