Knitted Flat Hat Pattern

I started knitting this in the round, but ended up knitting it flat. I didn’t have the right size in a round needle, and after several attempts to get gauge I ended up uninventing (as EZ would say) a pattern quickly that worked. It was the first time I knitted a hat flat. It was fast and easy. It would be a good project for a beginning knitter also.
Knitted Flat Hat, free pattern (easy)
Easy Knitted Flat Hat (super bulky yarn)
Knit this brim up or down, longer body if you want a “slouchy hat look”
Yarn used: I used Lion Brand Hometown USA, Super Bulky, due to being made for a non-knitter that will wear it while training for marathons=many washings.
Knitted Flat Hat, free pattern (easy)
Gauge-13 stitches per 4 inches.
Needles- Size US 13 or size to get gauge
Size-adult hat
Cast on: 48 stitches
row 1: K1, P1 * (*repeat to end)
repeat row 1 until your ribbing is as long as you desire, I made mine about 5 inches, if you want a larger brim to turn up make it 6 or more. You can make it 4 inches or so if you don’t want to roll it up.
When it is long enough to make you happy start the body of your hat!
row 1: knit
row 2: purl
continue these two rows until the body is 4 or 5 inches, if you make it longer, the hat will be “slouchy”, if you want a really “slouchy hat” make the body around 9  inches. When the body is long enough for you. Start your Decrease rows, start on a right side row.
Decrease rows:
Row 1: K4, K2tog * (*repeat until end of row)
Row 2: purl (all even rows will be purl rows)
Row 3: K3, K2tog *
Row 5: K2, K2tog*
Row 7: K1, K2tog*
Row 9: K2tog all around.
Knitted Flat Hat, free pattern (easy)
Yay! Now break your yarn off and get your yarn needle out and draw it through the loops on your needle. Now your ready to sew up the sides.
Sew them together using one of these methods:
Knitted Flat Hat, free pattern (easy)


  1. What an awesome hat! Love that you can knit it flat ~ a great project for a new knitter :)

  2. Looks great! Love the color!

  3. Great hat! I haven't knitted that much with bulky yarn but that looks like a quick and easy pattern. When I need a quick gift, I'm going to use this pattern.

  4. I'm going to use this pattern but I want to change it up a little. I'm making it into an earflap hat. I've already made the earflaps, and they are in garter stitch. How do you suggest I go about making the hat? What stitches should I use? Thanks so much for the pattern!!!

  5. I adapted this and just knit all the stitches and am so happy with the results! Thanks for the pattern; it's been the base for all my Christmas presents this year! This beginner is super thankful for it!!

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this pattern! I always enjoy hearing that I've helped a knitter make a successful project!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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