Knitted Flat Hat Returns, Now Slouchy


Same pattern as below link, just slightly bigger needles and a longer rib area, and hat body. I used one size larger needles than the original pattern and still only one skein of Lion Brand Hometown USA, Super Bulky, acrylic.

Free Pattern here


Or turn the brim up! Oh no, I feel a hat marathon starting. This pattern is so easy and fast!

I’m working on a “real” slouchy flat hat pattern, cast on and in the process, I’m on the quest for a more “slouchy” look, more later. LOL

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies….


  1. Ohhh...I like slouchy better. If you don't quit giving me ideas, I'm going to have to stop sleeping in order to get all this knitting done. LOL

  2. Oh my goodness! We are on the same mission.

    I googled a few times "crochet simple slouchy beret pattern", but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for.

    If i find anything I think you'll like, I can send it to you.

  3. I definitely like the slouchy look!

  4. Whatever hat I make for my daughter, she pushes it back to be "slouchy". I don't know where this trend started!

  5. hey I like the slouch, my son would wear it, but I'm afraid hubby would turn up his nose (he does not like change!).


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