A Forty Year Old Knitted Cap


I had breakfast with my girlfriend the other day. After working with her for years and years, her position was eliminated. (This was, of course, after they promised her it wouldn’t be), what is up with that?

She is going through a tough time. After being unemployed for about 6 months, with no unemployment, (she had to fight for it), she finally got a job at a factory working the night shift. It is hard work, especially for a fifty something women whose body has survived many obstacles over the years including breast cancer.

I roll into the diner, and she is sitting there, grimy, and tired. But she is smiling and has this old, and worn knitted cap on. We catch up on what is going on with us, our families and friends. Then I ask her about the cap, she says a childhood friend knitted it for her about forty years ago, she puts it on every night before she goes to work because it makes her smile.

Now she wouldn't let me take a photo of her with her well loved and slightly grimy cap on, although I think she looked great. Not like a young girl, but a wise women.

Later that day I’m out running errands and some yarn calls to me. I pick it up and it whispers to me that it wants to be a knitted cap. Not to replace the well worn one, but to give her more smiles.

Because it is the little things that get us through the tough times.

Pattern shown is a free download by Lindsay Ingram, “Hat Shaped Hat” [rav link] made with super bulky yarn.


  1. I agree, the little things. It's hard to remember that sometimes. I hope things look up for your friend, she's in my thoughts.

  2. That's so sweet. My mom and dad have the afghan I crocheted for my grandparents over 38 years ago. If I could, I would take it and burn it though. LOL It was a really bad job.

  3. What a lovely thought!

  4. Vicki, Your post made me smile. What a nice thing to do.

  5. I like this story. It's beautiful that something handmade and special can perk someone up.


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