Crochet Ditty bag, good for coins, trinkets, etc…



Playing around a little, and ended up making a small crochet bag. It looks good. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn, because I like the sheen it has, the stitches are very distinct with it.

One skein will make many bags. 069


You will also need a crochet hook, I used size F, but if you use a different yarn, use the size indicated on the label, or one size smaller, to get a tight stitch.

Tutorials (video) all below!

Chain Stitch

Single Crochet

Slip Stitch

I also used one wooden bead. shop around and see what would be good, look at the interior hole of the bead. You want it to be tight, to keep the bag closed. But be able to thread it on the chained cord.

Single crochet. slip stitch and chain stitch is used.

Rnd 1: Chain 6, slip stitch to first stitch

Rnd 2:  *2sc in each st* repeat 6 times (12 st total)

Rnd 3:  *2sc in first st, 1sc in next st* repeat 6 times (18st total)

Rnd 4:  *2sc in first st, 1sc in next 2st* repeat 6 times (24st total)

Rnd 5: sc all around.

Rnd 6: *2sc in first st, 1sc in next 3st* repeat 6 times (30st total)

Rnd 7:  *2sc in first st, 1sc in next 4st* repeat 6 times (36st total)

Rnd 8-12: sc all around

This should be large enough to be your base of your bag.

Now sc all around to make the sides, continue in this manner until the sides (when pressed down) are equal to your bottom.

Next row: slip stitch all around, this makes a reinforced top.

Break yarn, and weave in all ends.

Now chain a string long enough for your bag. I usually put a yarn needle on the end of my chain string, and weave it in and out, under the slipstitch row of the top of the bag. This way I know how long to make it. Keep chaining until long enough to suit your needs.

Break the yarn, and take your bead, (you may need a yarn needle here)  Place your bead on, and you are ready to load your bag with goodies!


  1. How cute! I have much yarn that could be put to use for those cute little ditty bags. Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Too cute! I see you're back in full knitting swing ;-)

  3. This bag is adorable! I wish I had paid attention when my MIL and Aunt taught me how to crochet. I'm no good at keeping a consistent tension.


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