I hate it when that happens….


Knitting has slowed down at my house. I seem to be unraveling a bit right now.

This started with my fall down the stairs a year ago. I still have a “bump” to show for it, and a slightly wonky hip. I’m trying to work that into a sexy walk.

Then a thyroid nodule, which involved much testing including a biopsy, which came back negative. Still waiting to get into an endocrinologist for that.

The most recent thing happened when I woke up one morning and it looked like pepper had been spilled across my field of vision in my right eye. In addition to several dark bug like spots. Oh good, more doctor visits. This resulted in the happy news that I am not among the 85% that have a retinal tear with these symptoms. Yay, but the world looks different now.

I hope to find my old self soon


Until then keep knitting….


  1. Vickie, so sorry to hear about your accident. I'm glad you are on the mend. I have enjoyed your lovely watercolor work as well. I should stop by more often and tell you. Blessings. Sherry

  2. It's like cascade failure when as we leave our 20s behind, isn't it?

    I hope you repair soon and are back to...well, I was going to say normal, but I don't remember what normal is for me anymore. LOL

  3. So you don't have a retinal tear. But do they know what is causing the pepper vision?

  4. Anonymous3/23/2011

    Dear Vickie, I'm so sorry to read this. Get well soon and may you get rid of all those nasty peppers and have your vision back to normal.


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