Knitted Flat Hat Returns, Now Slouchy


Same pattern as below link, just slightly bigger needles and a longer rib area, and hat body. I used one size larger needles than the original pattern and still only one skein of Lion Brand Hometown USA, Super Bulky, acrylic.

Free Pattern here


Or turn the brim up! Oh no, I feel a hat marathon starting. This pattern is so easy and fast!

I’m working on a “real” slouchy flat hat pattern, cast on and in the process, I’m on the quest for a more “slouchy” look, more later. LOL

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies….


Crochet Ditty bag, good for coins, trinkets, etc…



Playing around a little, and ended up making a small crochet bag. It looks good. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn, because I like the sheen it has, the stitches are very distinct with it.

One skein will make many bags. 069


You will also need a crochet hook, I used size F, but if you use a different yarn, use the size indicated on the label, or one size smaller, to get a tight stitch.

Tutorials (video) all below!

Chain Stitch

Single Crochet

Slip Stitch

I also used one wooden bead. shop around and see what would be good, look at the interior hole of the bead. You want it to be tight, to keep the bag closed. But be able to thread it on the chained cord.

Single crochet. slip stitch and chain stitch is used.

Rnd 1: Chain 6, slip stitch to first stitch

Rnd 2:  *2sc in each st* repeat 6 times (12 st total)

Rnd 3:  *2sc in first st, 1sc in next st* repeat 6 times (18st total)

Rnd 4:  *2sc in first st, 1sc in next 2st* repeat 6 times (24st total)

Rnd 5: sc all around.

Rnd 6: *2sc in first st, 1sc in next 3st* repeat 6 times (30st total)

Rnd 7:  *2sc in first st, 1sc in next 4st* repeat 6 times (36st total)

Rnd 8-12: sc all around

This should be large enough to be your base of your bag.

Now sc all around to make the sides, continue in this manner until the sides (when pressed down) are equal to your bottom.

Next row: slip stitch all around, this makes a reinforced top.

Break yarn, and weave in all ends.

Now chain a string long enough for your bag. I usually put a yarn needle on the end of my chain string, and weave it in and out, under the slipstitch row of the top of the bag. This way I know how long to make it. Keep chaining until long enough to suit your needs.

Break the yarn, and take your bead, (you may need a yarn needle here)  Place your bead on, and you are ready to load your bag with goodies!


Wouldn't You Like To Be Knitting Here...

Dublin (2), originally uploaded by A Keeper's Jackpot.

Photo from "A Keeper 's Jackpot", location Duplin


Tutorials I love (knitting related)


I ran across these tutorials that I can’t resist sharing!

Perfectly Imperfect Twig Buttons with Katie Starzman, these are charming and rustic. And yes I think they are “perfect” for that sweater that is waiting for some buttons at my house, now I just have to get my husband to make these. LOL

Silver’s Sock class-Silver has a fab site with tutorials for

-One sock on 4 double pointed needles

-Two toe up socks on one circular needle

-One toe up sock on two circulars (this is the one I’m doing now)

The above tutorials are very easy to understand with illustrations!

Silver also has a etsy shop Silver’s Shop, with super cute bags to hold your socks!

If you need a stretchy cast on, this tutorial will help you! From Rosemary Knits!

Want to make some knitting needles? Curious girl show us how, with detailed instructions! Very nice!

Find out How to Lucet, with Strings N Things! I didn’t know what it was either!!

Happy Knitting!

March Etsy Blogger

The Etsy blogger for March is Mystic Wynd. I love her use of natural stones in jewelry. Happy shopping!

Sterling Silver Botswana Agate Earrings $19.95


From her bio:

One of the first things the entrepreneurial gurus tell you to do is to determine who you want your products to appeal to. In my case, it was obvious - everyone! The career woman looking for that bold and powerful jewelry ensemble. The stay at home mom looking for something fun and trendy or simple and understated for day to day, or glamorous and exotic for those occasions she gets to break away and let her hair down. Students on a limited budget or who are still exploring a variety of styles. Fashionistas who love to start new trends. Grandmoms who prefer a little bit of nostalgia. Fashion designers and costume designers looking for that one-of-a kind piece that's perfect for a new dress or an old world character. Brides, their mothers and mothers-in-law to-be. Club members looking for a special "trademark" look. Men who are looking for something for the special person in their life. Women who are looking for something special for the special people in their lives. People who have hobbies. People who love life.

Whether your style is simple or bold, classic or trendy, elegant or glitzy, Mystic Wynd has something for you at a price you can afford from a craftsperson with a simple philosophy -
"An awareness of peace and love rose anew, As the spirit found truth and the Mystic Wynd blew..."

Telescopium Shell and Seed Bead Necklace w Charms $35.00


Mystic blogs here: http://mysticwynd.blogspot.com/


Yarn Diet

I have not mentioned it, for fear of jinxing myself. But I have been on a yarn diet for a year now! yay! I can’t believe it. This was actually inspired by The Quilter, who is constantly making an amazing amount of quilts and knits!


After serious stash busting, my yarn is down to a very small area, I even have empty plastic bins! I’m pretty proud of myself. I think I have enough for one more sweater, and about 4 skeins of bulky turquoise that I bought on sale, (for who knows what), otherwise it is random balls of prettiness.

The diet was broken by the purple yarn I bought for my girlfriends hat. So it was immediately knitted up and sent out.

Of course the diet didn’t include, cotton yarn for washcloths, but I immediately give these away as I knit them, so obviously doesn't count! Or any yarn that I bought to dye and sell. *giggle*


Before I become too full of myself I will confess I was not on a fiber diet. So any space that I freed up, pretty much got filled with fiber.

I’m still working on the “Iced” sweater, but when that is done, I’ll be planning on starting another sweater. Something different. Don’t you love to search for a pattern?

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


I hate it when that happens….


Knitting has slowed down at my house. I seem to be unraveling a bit right now.

This started with my fall down the stairs a year ago. I still have a “bump” to show for it, and a slightly wonky hip. I’m trying to work that into a sexy walk.

Then a thyroid nodule, which involved much testing including a biopsy, which came back negative. Still waiting to get into an endocrinologist for that.

The most recent thing happened when I woke up one morning and it looked like pepper had been spilled across my field of vision in my right eye. In addition to several dark bug like spots. Oh good, more doctor visits. This resulted in the happy news that I am not among the 85% that have a retinal tear with these symptoms. Yay, but the world looks different now.

I hope to find my old self soon


Until then keep knitting….


Knitted Flat Hat Pattern

I started knitting this in the round, but ended up knitting it flat. I didn’t have the right size in a round needle, and after several attempts to get gauge I ended up uninventing (as EZ would say) a pattern quickly that worked. It was the first time I knitted a hat flat. It was fast and easy. It would be a good project for a beginning knitter also.
Knitted Flat Hat, free pattern (easy)
Easy Knitted Flat Hat (super bulky yarn)
Knit this brim up or down, longer body if you want a “slouchy hat look”
Yarn used: I used Lion Brand Hometown USA, Super Bulky, due to being made for a non-knitter that will wear it while training for marathons=many washings.
Knitted Flat Hat, free pattern (easy)
Gauge-13 stitches per 4 inches.
Needles- Size US 13 or size to get gauge
Size-adult hat
Cast on: 48 stitches
row 1: K1, P1 * (*repeat to end)
repeat row 1 until your ribbing is as long as you desire, I made mine about 5 inches, if you want a larger brim to turn up make it 6 or more. You can make it 4 inches or so if you don’t want to roll it up.
When it is long enough to make you happy start the body of your hat!
row 1: knit
row 2: purl
continue these two rows until the body is 4 or 5 inches, if you make it longer, the hat will be “slouchy”, if you want a really “slouchy hat” make the body around 9  inches. When the body is long enough for you. Start your Decrease rows, start on a right side row.
Decrease rows:
Row 1: K4, K2tog * (*repeat until end of row)
Row 2: purl (all even rows will be purl rows)
Row 3: K3, K2tog *
Row 5: K2, K2tog*
Row 7: K1, K2tog*
Row 9: K2tog all around.
Knitted Flat Hat, free pattern (easy)
Yay! Now break your yarn off and get your yarn needle out and draw it through the loops on your needle. Now your ready to sew up the sides.
Sew them together using one of these methods:
Knitted Flat Hat, free pattern (easy)


A Forty Year Old Knitted Cap


I had breakfast with my girlfriend the other day. After working with her for years and years, her position was eliminated. (This was, of course, after they promised her it wouldn’t be), what is up with that?

She is going through a tough time. After being unemployed for about 6 months, with no unemployment, (she had to fight for it), she finally got a job at a factory working the night shift. It is hard work, especially for a fifty something women whose body has survived many obstacles over the years including breast cancer.

I roll into the diner, and she is sitting there, grimy, and tired. But she is smiling and has this old, and worn knitted cap on. We catch up on what is going on with us, our families and friends. Then I ask her about the cap, she says a childhood friend knitted it for her about forty years ago, she puts it on every night before she goes to work because it makes her smile.

Now she wouldn't let me take a photo of her with her well loved and slightly grimy cap on, although I think she looked great. Not like a young girl, but a wise women.

Later that day I’m out running errands and some yarn calls to me. I pick it up and it whispers to me that it wants to be a knitted cap. Not to replace the well worn one, but to give her more smiles.

Because it is the little things that get us through the tough times.

Pattern shown is a free download by Lindsay Ingram, “Hat Shaped Hat” [rav link] made with super bulky yarn.