Tutorials I love (knitting related)


I ran across these tutorials that I can’t resist sharing!

Perfectly Imperfect Twig Buttons with Katie Starzman, these are charming and rustic. And yes I think they are “perfect” for that sweater that is waiting for some buttons at my house, now I just have to get my husband to make these. LOL

Silver’s Sock class-Silver has a fab site with tutorials for

-One sock on 4 double pointed needles

-Two toe up socks on one circular needle

-One toe up sock on two circulars (this is the one I’m doing now)

The above tutorials are very easy to understand with illustrations!

Silver also has a etsy shop Silver’s Shop, with super cute bags to hold your socks!

If you need a stretchy cast on, this tutorial will help you! From Rosemary Knits!

Want to make some knitting needles? Curious girl show us how, with detailed instructions! Very nice!

Find out How to Lucet, with Strings N Things! I didn’t know what it was either!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Thanks for sharing the links I have been wanting to learn socks on 2 needles.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the link and your kind comment. Lucet-ing is a fun way to make a cord... which reminds me that hubby's pj's need a new cord for the pants. Time to dig out the lucet! :)

  3. What an awesome magazine cover!

  4. Thanks for the links! One of these days I will have to try toe-up socks.


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