Almost…..FO…..Five year sweater

I’m almost done with my 5 year sweater! Yes, that is the longest I’ve taken to finish a sweater, and I’m super excited. I totally went rouge and switched the pattern up.

More soon when the sweater is totally done!


May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies……


Pluggin Along

Day 3 of knitting, as much time as I have, in the cold, snowy days we are having here. I’m coming along fairly well, starting to get a little anxiety about  the amount of yarn I have left. But we will see.

IMG_6410 (2)

I’m leaning towards a collar/hood situation. But I think my yarn amount will dictate how the rest goes.

I love knitting top down sweaters, as you can try them on and make decisions as you knit.

Happy knitting…..May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies….


Snowy Day Knitting

Does anyone else have that knitted project that has been hiding in the closet for years? I started the Zuma Tunic by Wendy Bernard in 2012. Yes that is embarrassing to admit, I looked it up in my Ravelry list. Egads!

Yep, Jodi’s not feeling it either.

jan 2017 106

I’ve actually packed this up and taken it on 4 different trips to start on again. It takes me a while to count & figure out what I’m doing and then get started. I’m not sure on the yarn, pooling? (some of my own hand dyed), do I have enough to finish? . Undecided about how deep the V is in the front of the pattern. Rip it and find another pattern/yarn? So I usually set all of these thoughts aside and start knitting for a couple of inches & then toss it back into the bag and  repeat the next trip.

Well cut to present day, #1 I’m on a quest to finish all of my projects “on the needles”, #2. Weather, we just had an ice/snow storm and it is suppose to snow again tomorrow. OK, I decide to get that sweater out and dive in.

Where I started, and after day one of knitting. Update tomorrow!

jan 2017 103 (2)jan 2017 107 (2)

Now that I’m committed to finish it. Of course I’m thinking of #1 making the sleeves traditional,  #2 Filling the V neck in a bit with a k1pl ribbing,  #3 Adding a hood

OK, now that I read the above 1 and 2 will just make it into a traditional sweater & isn’t that what drew me to the pattern to begin with? The sleeves/front tie? I think I should keep to the pattern, but maybe add the hood?

More later……Happy Knitting….May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies..