Boneless Boneyard Shawl

I saw a link to this Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West and thought it was beautiful. Digging around in my stash I found some of my handspun that I have never used.


I started knitting it up, it is a fast mindless knit, and I love how the yarn looks in this pattern. Notice anything? Yes, I took it “on the go” to knit and didn’t notice until several inches after the first “bone” that I had left it out. Sigh, so I decided to just keep going.

Take a look at all of the Ravely shawls in this pattern, it can look so different with each knitter.

I suppose this is my boneless shawl! I’m planning on gifting this to a girlfriend who has persimmon trees and makes everyone persimmon bread, cookies etc.…for everyone during the holidays.

Love the color and I hope she likes it. While searching for this pattern I also came across the Quaker Yarn Stretcher Shawl/wrap. I love that one so much, it is not a free pattern, but I’m going to have to buy it and start that one next. It looks like the perfect pattern for lots of small amounts of spun up yarn. Hoping to get through some stash with it!

See Stitchnerd’s blog post for info and lots of great photos!

If you are not familiar with the Quaker stitch, it is super simple, you’ve probably used it and didn’t know it. I’m including some free Quaker pattern links below:

Quaker rib Afghan by Krista Albright

Quaker Cowl by Lisa R. Myers

Simple Quaker Rib

1. Knit row one, purl row two, and knit row three. This produces three rows of stockinette stitch, which is smooth on the front side.

2. Purl row four, knit row five, and purl row six. This produces three rows of reverse stockinette stitch, which is nubby on the front side and smooth on the reverse.

3. Alternate these two sequences until your project is of the desired length. You'll have sections of equal length of smooth and nubby rows, and the item will look the same on both sides.

Another version of Quaker Rib

1. knit
2. purl
3. knit
4. purl
5. knit
6. knit (first ridge)
7. knit
8. purl
9. knit
10. purl
11. knit
12. knit
13. purl (2nd bigger ridge)
Repeat the 14-row sequence for a nice variation in the rib pattern. Continue until your project reaches the desired length. This pattern will not be the same on both sides14. knit


Happy knitting!