Pen, Paper and Color


Another TMC for me, a potted flower in my back yard. Too soon I will empty all of the pots and store them away for the winter. I’m enjoying looking at them rebound from the hot dry summer, a few fresh blooms before the first frost.

Petunias are always a good flower for pots, even in the hot dry summer they can survive and continue to bloom. Cut them back a little mid way through the growing season and you will get fresh flowers and the plants won’t get as leggy.

Petunia growing tips here.

Plant them in hanging baskets, pots or in mass in your flower beds and you won’t be sorry. They are a pest free riot of easy color to add to your area.

Featured Etsy Blogger

This Etsy seller has two shops and some items that made me go squeee..

Splendid Little Stars (from her shop notes)

Artsyness and crafting have always been a part of my life. I love the outdoors, to travel to new and beautiful places, photographing all the while. Nature inspires me. I love making most anything with my hands.
Inspired many years ago, by my daughter's first grade teacher, I began the study of tie dyeing. Learning something new while creating is a constant process. Discovery is a joy (mostly)!
I have been selling hand~dyed and hand~painted clothing for about 20 years now. I have been making jewlery for much longer than that. For about 4 years, at the turn of the century, I owned a gift shop along with other artisians. We made and sold our own creations along with some "ready-mades." Truly, the most meaningful part of this was the relationships formed with our treasured customers. Sharing our creations with an appreciative audience was always heart-warming as well.

From Hand dyed silk scarves

Leaves and Blossoms silk scarf, hand dyed $20.00


To adorable hand painted hats!

Snowman, soft cotton jersey KNOTTED HAT, hand dyed , hand painted, for baby, infant and toddler sizes $12.75


Take a look at her one of a kind items, and check off some things on your Christmas list!

If you are interested in jewelry, take a look at her other shop.

Sparkly Park

Need some earrings?

angel earrings-- aqua--glass and sterling silver $10.75


She blogs at http://splendidlittlestars.blogspot.com/



Pen and Paper

TMC (The Twenty Minute Challenge from Katharine Cartwright)

I have really gotten interested in sketching and then laying down some watercolor on top of the sketch.

Limiting myself to 20 minutes has really been key to my realization of what the necessary lines are and a huge editing lesson. Not to mention, I can allow myself to “play” for 20 minutes. It is a lesson in organization also. With a 20 min limit, having everything ready is key. I like to start with the simplest of things, like pen and paper, and maybe some basic watercolors, and one brush.

I enjoy looking at efforts of others also, and reading what they have learned, and seeing their choices.


This is a quick pen sketch of some trees in my backyard, then I quickly used some watercolors to add some character! Time to rake leaves!


Great patterns for just a little handspun

012 (2)

I have lots of handspun in small amounts, (less than 200-300 yards).  The question is; what to do with it? So I have been on a search of patterns, free if possible, from indie designers! (there are so many fellow bloggers that have wonderful patterns!)

Some that have made my cue:

Pattern/amount of yarn/type/blog

-the Slouched Tuva Hat DK weight, ~120-130 yards (110 meter, 50 gram), from Give me a Purl;

- Lace headband, 80-100 yards of leftover worsted weight wool, Blue Peninsula blog

And while searching for patterns I found this great post from Simple Knits, 653 patterns to knit with 285 yards of yarn!

It is fabulous! She has found a wealth of wonderful patterns from inspiring bloggers. So I’m off to read some blogs and look at some patterns.

From One Stitch after Another, her post quick texture patterns for last minute, all less than 300 yds of yarn. Take a look around on her blog, she has other posts with similar topics.

Enjoy creating!


Pen and paper, 20 Minute Challenge

I found the 20 Minute Challenge by Katherine Cartwright from a fellow blogger Theresa of Blueberries, Art and Life, a fellow knitter than lured me into watercolor!

It is a fun way to simplify your drawings! I tend to want to overdo it, so this has been a great tool for me. The first several times it was rather nerve racking with the timer counting down. Then something “clicked” and I realized I could edit out whatever I wanted to.

I urge you to take a look and try it yourself. It is oddly liberating, despite or because of the time limits.

Fall White Pine


I’ve been playing around with the more portable ink and paper with a watercolor wash.

Sitting in my yard after work, doing a bit of unwinding in these wonderful fall days, inspires me to sketch.


The last of my roses.

I love fall days with the clear air and crisp feel of autumn, football games and campfires!

Do a little creating today!


Just Add Water….

I’ve been busy with life lately. Have to remember to make time for play.

A little simple sketch of a tree in my backyard on watercolor paper with a fine point sharpie pen.


Morning coffee developed into inspiration.


I’m trying not to over think, I had to stop myself from adding more color. I tend to want to keep painting until I’ve gone too far.

My neighbors’ house. Sharpie and watercolor.



The below is by Henry Li,

Simplicity – by capturing the essence of a scene using minimum brush strokes to complete

a painting.

Enjoy! Remember to play today!


Wouldn’t you like to be knitting here?

Sandhill Cranes Indiana Migration Stop Over

Sandhill Cranes Indiana Migration Stop Over

Photo by Robert Long

Thanks!! Sometimes I forget how pretty it is in my own backyard!


Get your knitting needles out and go to it!