Pen and Paper

TMC (The Twenty Minute Challenge from Katharine Cartwright)

I have really gotten interested in sketching and then laying down some watercolor on top of the sketch.

Limiting myself to 20 minutes has really been key to my realization of what the necessary lines are and a huge editing lesson. Not to mention, I can allow myself to “play” for 20 minutes. It is a lesson in organization also. With a 20 min limit, having everything ready is key. I like to start with the simplest of things, like pen and paper, and maybe some basic watercolors, and one brush.

I enjoy looking at efforts of others also, and reading what they have learned, and seeing their choices.


This is a quick pen sketch of some trees in my backyard, then I quickly used some watercolors to add some character! Time to rake leaves!


  1. You did this in 20 min.?!? See, this would take me like 5 days, lol!

  2. Excellent. I haven't had my pencils out in a while due to other things getting in the way. You really inspire me to get back to it.

    I love how three dimensional your trees look.

  3. Lovely, love the subtle color to the tree bark.

  4. And she's off and running! Darn, girl, you sound like a professional artist!

    Woo Hoo... Vicki's on a roll :-)

  5. It looks so intricate, but sounds so easy to do.

    Thank u.


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