Pen, Paper and Color


Another TMC for me, a potted flower in my back yard. Too soon I will empty all of the pots and store them away for the winter. I’m enjoying looking at them rebound from the hot dry summer, a few fresh blooms before the first frost.

Petunias are always a good flower for pots, even in the hot dry summer they can survive and continue to bloom. Cut them back a little mid way through the growing season and you will get fresh flowers and the plants won’t get as leggy.

Petunia growing tips here.

Plant them in hanging baskets, pots or in mass in your flower beds and you won’t be sorry. They are a pest free riot of easy color to add to your area.


  1. Very lovely! One of your best.

  2. I love your sketches!

  3. Nice. I like your sketches.

  4. A pretty little watercolor! I've got some fresh last minute blooms too... on my petunias, zinnias, geraniums and several others. Plus, I'm still getting tomatoes from the garden!


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