Great patterns for just a little handspun

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I have lots of handspun in small amounts, (less than 200-300 yards).  The question is; what to do with it? So I have been on a search of patterns, free if possible, from indie designers! (there are so many fellow bloggers that have wonderful patterns!)

Some that have made my cue:

Pattern/amount of yarn/type/blog

-the Slouched Tuva Hat DK weight, ~120-130 yards (110 meter, 50 gram), from Give me a Purl;

- Lace headband, 80-100 yards of leftover worsted weight wool, Blue Peninsula blog

And while searching for patterns I found this great post from Simple Knits, 653 patterns to knit with 285 yards of yarn!

It is fabulous! She has found a wealth of wonderful patterns from inspiring bloggers. So I’m off to read some blogs and look at some patterns.

From One Stitch after Another, her post quick texture patterns for last minute, all less than 300 yds of yarn. Take a look around on her blog, she has other posts with similar topics.

Enjoy creating!


  1. I'm headed over now to check out those links. Thanks for sharing.... gorgeous yarn, BTW!

    Do let us know what you decide to knit.

  2. Thanks for all the links - my eyes are crossed!!

  3. Thank you for the links. Even before I finish spinning a project everyone asks, "what are you going to make with that?" THe answer is always I don't know. Being a small scale spinner I don't have a certain project in mind since I never know how its going to turn out nor how much I am going to get. It is great to have multiple choices! I am also a One-Skein addict (mainly because I don't have enough money to have more then 1) so these projects work for what I like.

  4. I've been on a splurge and have bought several skeins of handspun lately. It's such a treat to knit with and I agree there needs to be more pattern choices for just small amounts.


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