Pen and paper, 20 Minute Challenge

I found the 20 Minute Challenge by Katherine Cartwright from a fellow blogger Theresa of Blueberries, Art and Life, a fellow knitter than lured me into watercolor!

It is a fun way to simplify your drawings! I tend to want to overdo it, so this has been a great tool for me. The first several times it was rather nerve racking with the timer counting down. Then something “clicked” and I realized I could edit out whatever I wanted to.

I urge you to take a look and try it yourself. It is oddly liberating, despite or because of the time limits.

Fall White Pine


I’ve been playing around with the more portable ink and paper with a watercolor wash.

Sitting in my yard after work, doing a bit of unwinding in these wonderful fall days, inspires me to sketch.


The last of my roses.

I love fall days with the clear air and crisp feel of autumn, football games and campfires!

Do a little creating today!


  1. OMGoddess! Look at your work! I've obviously been out of the loop for too long...I didn't know you were an artist!

  2. Those are wonderful sketches! I used to do watercolours but lost my mojo over 10 years ago. I just may give the TMC a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love both of them.

    The texture on the trees is wonderful. This really stands out, glad you chose to keep the ground simple.

    The second one with the flowers is simply beautiful and beautifully simple. Love the colors too.

  4. Dear KD,
    Your pen drawing is very lovely. I feel like trying it by myself. Thank you for sharing the nice work.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  5. Great sketches! I love drawing with pen and ink.

  6. What a wonderful challenge! A pity I can't draw but good thing I can see your work and all the drawings/paintings submitted by other bloggers. Very beautiful!

    Also: thank you very much for following my Hubby's x-stitching progress and your encouraging comments!


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