Just Add Water….

I’ve been busy with life lately. Have to remember to make time for play.

A little simple sketch of a tree in my backyard on watercolor paper with a fine point sharpie pen.


Morning coffee developed into inspiration.


I’m trying not to over think, I had to stop myself from adding more color. I tend to want to keep painting until I’ve gone too far.

My neighbors’ house. Sharpie and watercolor.



The below is by Henry Li,

Simplicity – by capturing the essence of a scene using minimum brush strokes to complete

a painting.

Enjoy! Remember to play today!


  1. Your painting/drawing is looking good.

  2. Love the tree. The texture and details are nice, but not overdone. Very fall.

    Morning coffee is lovely. A very light and joyful feeling to it.

    I like your neighbors house, but it feels like you let the sharpie do all of the shading, so it looks a little flat. I would encourage you to take the same approach as you do in your other watercolor pieces to add more depth.

  3. I'm really amazed (and so pleased for you) at how well you're doing so early in your painting career. You've got a talent for this... I mean that in all seriousness. You go girl!

    P.S. That's a great tree!

  4. You are incredibly talented! I'm so impressed with the way you take risks. I think that's my problem. I'm afraid to take them and end up doing nothing as a result. You're motivating me, though.

  5. So what is more "you"? The pen-strokes in this post, or the brush strokes from a few post below?
    Not to say that you can't do both, but it's important to keep track of how you feel inside (artists are very psychologically minded, lol)

  6. I love the drawing of your tree... love trees!

    Thanks for the video link, too.

  7. Dear KD,
    Your drawing and painting are so lovely. I particularly like the tree. Yes, me, too, simplify subjects. Let us keep up.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  8. Anonymous10/21/2010

    Wow. So is there anything you don't do, me talented lady?


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