The Search For the Right Buttons

I’ve never been able to find some buttons that I thought looked good on this sweater! I’ve tried wood, metal with design, and various plastic. Finally I thought I would try to make some myself.


Above is my Lion Neck Cardigan, with my buttons sewn on! I modified the pattern collar, see my rav link above. This was a fun top down pattern by Wendy Bernard.

I decided to make some more buttons with engraved branches on them, and some larger buttons to paint on.


Here are my buttons, ready to go into the oven. I roughly scratched some branches and leaves with a toothpick. And then made the button holes by sticking a cuticle stick into the back and front and smoothing the hole out.


I made 5 buttons with branches on them for my sweater. Lion Neck Cardigan. (amazon book link)

I rubbed in with my hands a acrylic green, using the paint brush to really make sure it got into all of the little cracks.


Too green! So I added a burnt umber to my glaze and washed it over it. (I did this by using a little of the acrylic gloss + a small amount of burnt umber acrylic paint), and gently painting it on. I wanted a haphazard look to the finish.

Then I applied another gloss finish. These buttons are also hand washable.


Now I’m ready to sew them on!


Yay! See previous posts for more info on this process, and check out YouTube for many videos of creative people making everything from simple to elaborate buttons!


Keep creating!


  1. Absolutely love the buttons!

    Also like your watercolor background for the blog, very nice!

  2. Wow, buttons look great and the yarn is impressive, what kind is it?

  3. Did you make that sweater too?! It looks great, especially with the hand made buttons.

  4. Great one-of-a-kind buttons! Lately you have been trying a lot of new things -you're an inspiration!


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