Painting on your Polymer Buttons

I have been enjoying making Polymer buttons for my sweaters. The below buttons are approx. 2 inches across. Big enough to paint an image on.

I used acrylic paints and decided to try some bamboo stalks on them. Satisfied with the results, but then decided the back ground was too white. I Added some burnt umber to my gloss and painted this on after the image was dry. This made a more “weathered” look.

You can use any “gloss” treatment for acrylic paints, the paint on or spray.

Yay, now I need to find something to sew them on!


Below are the 3 buttons from my last batch, Approx. 1.5 inch in diameter, (see engraved polymer button tutorial post), these are my plain buttons that I tried my hand at painting on. I had already painted a gloss coat on these buttons and the paint didn’t go on as bright as I wanted it. Memo to self, paint first….before putting a glossy coat on.

If you use the liquid gloss, you can add a little color to it and come up with more interesting looks.

It was difficult to decided what to paint on these, as they were smaller buttons.


I settled on gold fish and seaweed. Then I put more gloss on the buttons again,  with a small amount of blue added to it to get a blue glaze. 

There are quite a few tutorials on making polymer buttons, I didn’t think to look for any before I started, see the list to get more cool ideas for buttons to add to your knitting!

From Craftstylish polymer clay button ideas, loads of ideas, using colored clay!

See Craftgossip.com for many polymer clay button ideas! includes a video

From Crafty Daisy’s a video tutorial for a simple polymer clay button

Have fun!


  1. You are having waaay too much fun, girl! I like the first ones. Are the holes in these buttons big enough for a bulky yarn?

  2. Very cool! Love the sumi bamboo buttons.

  3. I love those buttons. You're so talented and clever.

  4. Very nifty, love the ones with the bamboo like design.


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