Knitting in public....Politically correct??? When??

When it is OK to knit in public? Certainly on the bus, subway, at lunch and break. But what about meetings? Church?

I was preparing to go to a wedding yesterday. I was hot into knitting something. And had a fleeting thought, "I would really like to knit on this at the reception".

Would this be regarded as rude? Would I seem unsociable? I have had people comment to me before that they thought I was being rude. Well it never occurred to me, people go out for a smoke break, (although that is getting less acceptable, even though I live in the tobacco belt, where almost everyone smokes)

So in the end I didn't take my knitting and we were off to the wedding.

Imagine my absolute delight when after being at the reception for awhile a young women with a man with dreadlocks, pulled some needles from her bag and started knitting. I was most pleased, I excused myself from my table and beat it over to hers. After all, if we are knitters we are not strangers. I sat and we immediately bonded and talked.

So in the end I wished I had taken my knitting, but was even more pleased to find someone else who had......

Happy knitting....
picture from the blog at http://needled.wordpress.com/2007/06/
A charming blog!! Check it out!!

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  1. I knit in public almost everywhere. I wouldn't knit during a wedding ceremony, but I don't think the reception should be an issue. Although I would probably wait till later in the evening when the crowd thins out. You could always ask the bride if she minds...though if she does, her word is law.

    Those who think you are rude...wait till you catch them texting around you. Now THAT'S rude!!!


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