And life is like that...

I was having a really bad day that seemed to go on forever. You know the kind I mean. It was one of those futile days, everything was wrong, no one I saw was happy, grumbling everywhere. I dropped things, lost things I just had in my hand, and forgot important things that were happening just today.

And it seemed like maybe my shoes were too small, or my head wasn't screwed on just right, like the Grinchginch

But then I ran into a girlfriend I haven't seen for awhile. She said "Oh I'm so glad to see you!". Then she proceeded to tell me she needed a replacement flannel quilt for her grandson. He had to go to the hospital and lost his.

She had picked one with a pirate theme. Little pirates and jolly roger skulls. Well it seems that these pirates had somehow been protecting him from the monsters in his closet, which is where we all know, monsters love to hang out.

So in that moment my heart swelled from being two sizes too small to bursting with joy.

Pirates to the rescue!


  1. What a wonderful story! I wish pirates had chased away the monsters in my closet when I was a child. =)

  2. That's a very cute story. Reminds you of what's important.


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