Knitting as use in alcohol and drug recovery therapy

If you have not visited this blog KnittingLadies - Knitting Crochet Program at Interim House, drop past and see what a difference some yarn and needles can make. (They also take yarn donations)

Kathryn Duffy LCSW is the knitterly inspiration of this program. See her article: Knitting through Recovery: One Stitch at a time.

I love the article written by Linda Cortright for Wild Fibers.

These are her first three sentences:

I am an addict.
I exhibit compulsive behavior when engaged in those certain activities that frequently lead to a mood altering state.
I am not alone.

Does Knitting work as a tool in alcohol and drug recovery because it is a substitute behavior?

As knitters we use terms that addicts use, and frequently admit to our addiction:

For example stash, crack yarn, yarn porn (thanks Lime N Violet), yarn is my drug of choice, yarn fix. We admitted we were powerless over yarn, and of course we all need to be on a yarn diet sometimes.

I'm sure we all have someone in our lives that is battling  with drugs or alcohol, it seems that to leave that behind, it's necessary to begin a new "habit" or "practice". Often I see compulsive smoking, and or coffee drinking.

I believe this is why knitting can be so valuable a tool in recovery. Knitter's are extremely kind, loving to all, big hearted, always ready to share and delight in teaching or knitting with others.

Knitting itself, whether done alone or in groups, is healing and restorative. A meditation like activity and restores the inner being.

It allows you to sit and think, experience your emotions or what ever you have been using drugs or alcohol to numb. Yet while experiencing it, somehow it sooths and nurtures.

Well sometimes you do have to throw a piece of knitting across the room and scream. But that allows us to experience anger also. NO?

No matter if it is sickness in heart or soul, knitting may help you.

Pick up some needles and get some yarn that calls your name. Find someone to help you and start.

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  1. That is an interesting post. I don't like using the work addict. I can't go a full day without knitting or spinning. That sounds like addiction. Wow, you have given me food for thought.


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