Knittin Funk

Lately I have been in a big funk, no knitting, no spinning, no fun.

Thanks to Nancy at Nancy's Arts, Crafts and Favorites! She got me out of my big


Now I am spinning again....

I am entertaining the idea of dying this, I have never tried it.

This is a new spindle that my DH made, it is made of cedar, extremely lightweight.

I am having a little trouble getting used to it. Here I am spinning my Carnival

colorway from The Ranches Angoras on Etsy.

He also made a smaller whorl to put on it (a two in one spindle), and this has

made me decide I need to order some cotton fiber to spin. I found this, that

looks pretty, but it is only 2 oz. I did find this on Ebay, and they have so much

that it makes my head spin.

I have to finish my Lola bunny, (baby shower on Sat!!) so the rest of this week I

have decided I will finish my UFO's, at least two of them.

I am going to start working on my Creatures of the Reef Shawl again. I can't seem

to get anywhere with it. I have decided that I need different yarn,

Dena on Ravelry, pointed me in the direction of a guy on Ebay. But before

I get to that I promised myself I will finish at least two things.



  1. Anonymous8/08/2008

    Gosh Vicki, didn't know you were in a funk and I'm glad you aren't any longer! Your spinning looks so beautiful, makes me want to get busy! I love the butterfly. So very lovely. Have a good one girl.

  2. Vicki,
    Do strongly consider dyeing. I've been dyeing myself the last two days. I solar dye. It's lots of fun. I'm going to be posting pics in a day or two.
    I love the butterfly.
    Hope you are complete out of your funk.

  3. I'm glad you got out of your slump. I love to see pictures of your spinning and knitting.

    Lola looks adorable! I'm sure it will be a big hit at the baby shower.


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