Knitting fears or are they really dreams

1. That I will actually plan to knit a toilet paper holder. But this sushi one is great.

2. That I will knit a toilet paper holder, no wait, a holder for the whole 6 pack of TP. Ok so I think this could have possibilities.

3. Ditto with knitting the whole family house shoes, this would be with acrylic yarn, probably in a lime green or orange color. But these are cute.

4.  That I will go blind and not be able to knit, no wait I bet I could still knit, well this woman does.

5. I would lose use of my hands, but we all know that little girl that draws with her toes. Is there anybody out there that knits with toes? Oh yeah, just found it on where else You Tube.

6. That I would get the urge to knit a life size Unicorn, or maybe I wouldn't be able to figure out how to knit a life size Unicorn.

7. I would die and someone would not "appreciate" all of the fibery goodness that is in my house.

8. That I could finally manage to figure out how to drive and knit responsibly. A policeman spots a women knitting and driving at the same time, he shouts out the windows "Pullover!", she yells back "no, a pair of socks".

9. I will stop having fantasy knitting daydreams during work meetings.

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  1. I'm behind in reading but this one made me laugh, especially the "pullover"!


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