Slipper mended and pattern found

Thanks to Paula at The Quilter for the pattern, and to Phyllis

at Spin, Knit and Life for a great link to all kinds of cool

knitted slipper patterns! A Feather Adrift also has made

these slippers and says she started from the toe down.

Many, many thanks, I think I am going to urge my

girlfriend to try and track down her long lost friend

from collage. She says she moved to Guatemala. How fun it

would be to help reconnect two lost friends.

015 I decided to "mend" this slipper in

a red and white yarn. It is on the bottom and I managed to

get it fairly "flat" (who wants to walk on lumps).

Also washed these as she was afraid to due to the unraveling.

So they are ready to wear.

Everyone likes warm feet, and its nice to have slippers

than you can fall asleep in also. She says these fit snuggly

and warm her heart. Here is a cool link for a knitted

heart pattern that is woven, thanks to Noreen Crone-Findlay.


  1. Sometimes you just can't improve on a classic. That slipper pattern is a great knitting "treasure." Hope you friends connect up!

  2. Anonymous7/14/2008

    LOL, onl second thought, maybe I did start at the heel. It would certainly make more sense, since I do recall drawing the yarn through the knitting loops at the end to draw them up to pull the toe together. That would definitely work better at the end. thanks for the link to the other slipper patterns. I'll check em out.


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