Spindle physics or did the KnitWitch put a spell on me

And Tour de Fleece update....

I am new to spindles and have been practicing

tenaciously, insert giggles here.

Coming along fairly well, watch some You Tube

videos which helped quite a bit.

Then I joined the Tour De Fleece to help motivate

me and meet some spinners, spindles, I had met

KnitWitch online and lusted after her yarn bowls before

I got my spindles.

I noticed that she also made spindle bowls, and thought

"would that help me much?" OOOO so pretty, so I

ended up ordering one, see previous post.

Wow, I started really using it today and cannot believe

how much it has increased my speed. During my

light speed spinning, actually wondering if I would

break the sound barrier.

It has been many years since my last physics class,

so I was wondering as I was spindling along what

was going on. Well, knowing the answer to almost

every question is on the interest I looked and

found Wendy from pointysticks and her spindle physics tutorial.

Interesting stuff.

Enjoy your spinning


  1. Ok, if I keep reading your blog, I'm bound to pick up spinning....

  2. I love the idea of Tour de Fleece. What a great motivator!

    You are truly leaving me in the dust with all your spinning. And I'm just a little bit jealous. Must find more time for spinning. Grin.


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