And the Tour de Fleece Begins!

I have spindle, roving and I'm off, hopefully not to be caught up in a pileup!

Although anything is possible.

Today consisted of a lot of work, because I need to pay my bills and hopefully there is a Spinning Wheel in my future.

Going to a girlfriends dog show...

And now I will spin!!! My roving is from cjkopeccreations.etsy.com, which is divine!  I'm already looking at more.

Spindle made by my DH. bless his heart. He is a carpenter, wonder when I should tell him I'm sending for plans for a wheel? Giggles.

And the Tour De Fleece Begins!


  1. Do you sell your creations? By the way, I love that dragonfly on your banner....ethereal. nancy

  2. How neat! I now know of an actual person who spins her own yarns. This is great. Hope you get the plans for the wheel...hehehehe. Take care.

  3. I love that fiber. It's such a pretty color. I have a drop spindle very similar to yours that I made. I have trouble putting the hooks into the dowels. I end up splitting the dowel. I love to spin on it even though it has a tiny crack in the dowel.

  4. You need a spindle bowl lady!!!! Especially for the tour!

  5. I can't believe you are already advancing to a wheel! Let us know how it goes.

  6. I've got to start searching YouTube for drop spindle demonstrations just to get the idea!

  7. I'm so jealous - you are getting way ahead of me on the spinning! How wonderful that your DH is a carpinter. My dad was a carpinter as a young man and to this day there isn't anything around the house that he can't make or fix!


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