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In the middle of spinning, I did a little shopping....

Check out this seller A Keepers Jackpot

My favorites are A Black Widows Web Necklace

Custom Beaded Hiking Safety Whistle

SALE Shades of Purple Necklace WITH FREE EARRINGS , who can resist a sale!!


Blue Egg Earrings 

Her prices are very reasonable, who doesn't love a little bling every now and then.

She has a nice blog here

While I was there, I ended up buying more roving, I don't know how that happened, I am in the Tour De Fleece, in which we are using our current stash and oops, more is on the way!

Check this out

From The Ranches Angoras

But I am spinning, I promise, pics to follow....


  1. Enabler! I'm a sucker for pretty and affordable jewelry.

  2. Thanks for the feature :)

    I notice you are a med tech! Me too! I work in micro. I like making jewelry more though :)

  3. Anonymous7/08/2008

    Nice feature for AKJ.

    I wish I knew how to spin...I think...LOL


  4. Anonymous7/08/2008

    Wow, vicki, I love the first necklace! It's gorgeous. And the angora yarn is breathtaking! Oh I envy you your excitement about the spinning. Can't wait to see the pictures. It's like being a kid and having a new toy I know. Better yet, you can actually make things useful and beautiful. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  5. The roving is beautiful. Do you believe I still haven't bought any dyed roving yet? I am behind the curve. How did you get so far ahead of me?

  6. Ohh Vicki, That is gorgeous roving. The black necklace is beautiful. What nice treasures.


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