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Here are some cool things I have found while bopping around the web lately

-This is a cool idea to recycle those 2 liter bottles into a self watering pot for your plants

Self watering recycled plant pot for growing herbs and flowers - More DIY How To Projects

-Want to knit pretty jewelry from wire? This book Elements Of Style: Creating Jewelry with Wire, Fiber, Felt, and Beads by Rosemary Hill, looks like it can get you going. Price $22.95

-If you would rather felt some jewelry, check this book out, Hand Felted Jewelry and Beads: 25 Artful Designs by Carol Huber Cypher, Price $21.95

-Felted Flip Flops by Kelly Jensen sold on Etsy  $6.00 or on her website

-This Knit kit is something I have never seen. The Knit Kit is a great new product designed to keep all of your knitting accessories in one convenient little kit.  Includes:  tape measure, crochet needle, scissors, stitch markers, point protectors, stitch counter and thread cutter. $19.95

-I like this cute cat yarnaholic key chain. $4.85

-I was looking for a knitting coffee mug and ran across all of these. From $15-$25  a little pricey but cute.

-I like this shirred pillow case top, it looks so easy I think I can do it, and cool for summer. Great Tutorial.

-This cupcake in a teacup pincushion (felted) is for the sewers.

-This Heart button Nano cozy would be a nice gift.

-Here is a Mollie flower tutorial from Roman Sock.

-Ever think of spinning newspaper?


May you knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies..


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  1. What a nice list of ideas. I am going to check out that knit kit. Sounds like something I could really use! I need to be quilting this summer! lol...blessings Vicki

  2. What a cool recap of some fun knitting stuff! I love pincushions and that was a great tutorial she had.


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