In search of a knitting bag, do you have one you love? Tell me, tell me!

I usually carry my knitting in plastic bags, free totes, my purse and zip lock bags. I decided that I am buying a real knitting bag (ta da! bugle sounds here).

Is there anyone out there that has found a great knitting bag? If so please share. I suspect this is like finding the perfect purse, a quest for the holy grail. So I will put my armor on and jump on my faithful steed and start.

Here are my contenders:

Deb Donnelly Designs on Etsy, these have dividers, pockets (inside and out) different prints, and look well designed, concerned they might not be able to stand alone, (i dislike a bag that falls over), handmade and one-of-a-kind, loaded with pockets for needles, scissors, patterns, center divider for separating yarns (on large bag only), feeding hole keeps yarn in place, easy-clean vinyl interior, over the should straps and come in different sizes, also good price range 35-90$ US. I’m: Seriously considering.

Colorsong Knitting Bags I found these on Knitter’s Review forum, they swear by them, it is leather, looks great, even able to carry your laptop or use as a carry on. Price looks like it was originally $275 but now $99. Good contender.

The Swift Knitting bag by Tom Bihn This bag was designed with input from Knitty in 2005, he used all of the suggestions for the greatest knitting bag and came up with this. Price $80. I don’t know if it is the photos, or the fabric, but it doesn’t do anything for me. Looks like there is room and pockets for everything you need to use. Not turning my crank.

The Handy Cady, looks functional and looks like my Aunt’s knitting bag. I like the price $16.50, but it may be designed more towards holding your knitting at home. Many pockets and stand alone style, plus the clear vinyl are a plus for finding everything. Six outer pockets with one larger pocket in the middle. Approximately 10" long x 8" high x 4" deep. Stands alone or can be removed from its stand with the snap buttons.  Good to have next to my knitting chair. May buy but still need a knitting bag.

Namaste Bags This is the bag that I originally wanted, but with several people telling me they didn’t like it, I was searching for something else. Love the appearance, I was looking at the Laguna Bag, price $69, you can find some of the other bags at yarn stores for a reduced price. Pockets, good handles, colors pretty. If anyone has this bag I would like to hear your opinion! This is my first place bag.

The Lexi Barnes Knitting Bag $130. Cute and I like the prints. Upside lots of room, pockets, stands alone, downside, price and looks a little too big, reminds me of my old bowling ball bag. Above is a You Tube review of it, which shows it very well. Makes me think that I’ll search in the luggage section.

The Della Q Knitting Bag, recommended by a fellow plurker. And there is a Dragonfly tote. A happy looking bag to tote your knitting in. Has chrome feet on this one, but she has many styles. I like the fabrics and they do look freestanding. She has a large variety of shapes and even sea grass bags. prices from $28 to $89 or so. Well it has dragonflies on it, so that almost trumps everything else, roomy and several pockets.

From Knit Picks the knitter’s carry all bag, size is large, colors bright and pretty. Roomy, stand alone. Deep snap pockets on the outside keep frequently used supplies close at hand. Inside, flexible pockets provide more opportunities to sort and keep your notions. An interior zip pocket keeps items from shifting about. Bag is 15"x6"x9". Price at $16.99 a steal. This bag may be big without being too big. Great bargain. They also offer a tote bag, similar prints, With a roomy interior, smooth lining and zip close storage on the inside, this bag is perfect for knitters. Large soft handles fit in your hand or over your shoulder for easy travel. Tote is 16”x6.25”x14.5”. Price $14.99 Cute to carry to work, price can’t be beat.

This one was recommended by Miss Violet, from Jordana Paige, The Knitter’s Satchel , Two shoulder straps with shoulder drop of 12",  Feet on bottom,  L 16" x W 6" x H 9.5", price is $89.00, and if you purchase the pink one, 10% is donated to the National Breast Cancer.org. I’m liking this the more I look at it.

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  1. You deserve it! What fun :)

    Gosh, I'm not familiar with any of those you have listed. I use a Vera Bradley tote that has a zipper pull top which I like a lot. I have a couple of other ones as well which I've found over the years when visiting a LYS. So, before you chose any you might want to visit your LYS and see what bags they carry and what you think of those.

  2. I am not organized enough to have one designated knitting bag. Plus, I am usually going to class or work, so it's thrown in whatever bag I am taking there. Good luck!

  3. I love love love the GoKnits bag by KnowKnits. http://knowknits.com/
    I have three or four, I've used them for years, they're wonderful.

  4. I have two Namaste bags. I love my Laguna bag and it's big. You can stuff a lot in that one. I also have the Zuma that I use for a pocketbook that I add my knitting to. I don't particularly like it as a knitting bag because there aren't many pockets in it and it doesn't stay completely closed.

    The Tom Bihn Swift bags are to die for. At a knitting retreat in April I was able to examine one closely and that will be my next knitting bag because it was wonderful.

  5. Anonymous7/14/2009

    I've just recently purchased the laguna bag from Namaste. I love it! It is huge. I use it as my purse and kniting bag. I put my knitting stuff for my current everywhere project on one side, and all my purse stuff on the other. Then there is still a zipper capartment in the middle and a small side pocket on the inside. There is also a pocket on outside that I always carry my cell phone and anything else I need in a hurry.


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