Featured Etsy Seller

Is Lazy T Crochet, I’m primarily a knitter, but am attracted to her crochet designs. And she has great prices also. Good for some handcrafted gifts.


Cute Beret for $20.00

blue wrap

I like this Cool Blue wrap, great for summer and those icy restaurants or theatres great price of $28.00

brown bag

You know I’m a bag girl, this one would be great to hold my knitting mags and go get coffee. And it is on sale at $16.00

She also has some patterns and a selection of other interesting items.

She blogs here…http://lazytcrochet.blogspot.com

And has a destash etsy shop here: Lazy Stuff

Have fun shopping!!


Horse 'n' Round said...

Fun stuff!
BTW, thanks for your kind comment a year back. I'm back on the blog again!

LazyTcrochet said...

Thanks so much for the feature!