Quilting a unknown pattern..

This is the quilt I am currently working on. I will post directions soon.
It is a funny pattern, don't know the name of it. My girlfriend showed me how and then I lost touch with her.
First, it starts with lots of squares of fabric all sewn together, then I have this odd square template that is marked into four parts, but at odd angles, we center this square on the four corner join and then mark and cut these squares, once we cut all of those squares we sew them together and it turns into a pinwheel.
I will take pics of the whole process soon and give dimensions of the squares and the template. If anyone is familiar with this pattern, let me know. I have searched on the internet and not found anything.

Ta Da.....Was I in the mood for spring? Wow now that I see the pictures, I have an excess of flowered prints.


  1. It looks difficult to make because of the odd shape to the crosses. I'm surprised it's all made from squares.
    It looks fantastic though!

  2. I can't wait for the tutorial. It looks like such a neat pattern.


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