What color is Puce?

Update on the crochet scarf in progress.....013 014 I like the look of the stitches. Especially since they travel the length of the scarf. It doesn't look so much like crochet. The popular opinion has been "why did you pick that color"? I'll see how wide it gets with 5 skeins.

Here is a picture of my husband with the lion Earflap hat. I added a sc row around the hat of black. I think that was what was missing. Check it out...009 You can see the color change in this picture. Of course it looks fab with the orange coat.


Here is my Scrappy Shawl, It's good to chase off the winter cold and the winter blues.

It measures 6 ft along each edge. You can make it as big as you desire.

I used an assortment of yarn and colors from my stash, I even mixed the types of yarn all up ( cotton, wool etc..)  001002003

Scrappy (Chase the Winter Blues Away) Shawl Pattern

Size: As big or small as you desire

Needles:(Knit in the round) Big or small, I used #8, dp needles and then circular, but have thought I would like to make it again with larger needles and smaller yarn, making a lacy look.

Yarn: Any and all you desire, I tried to lay it out the colors to my liking, before I started, but then changed at will, sometimes after one row.

CO 9 stitches, evenly spaced on your choice of dp needles. place a marker on the 3rd, 6th, and 9th st.

row 1 ( inc one st before marked st and one after (I used a YO) So to start, *knit 2, yo, k1, yo* repeat until end of row.

For each row you add 2 stitches, one at the beginning, and one at the end, you also have the stitch in between them that form the triangles "points"

Keep knitting, change colors, make your stripes thick or thin. Continue until it is large enough, the color changes keep you from getting board.

To Finish: I just CO my favorite one.

Slip or knit the first stitch. *Knit the next stitch. Pass the first stitch over the second. Repeat from *.

But if I did a lacy version I would add a lace edge, check out the choices here!


  1. Love your scrappy shawl!

    My favorite patterns are ones that let you knit until "desired size". They bring me the most joy.

  2. Lots of knitters seem to be discovering or "rediscovering" crochet these days! I think the scarf color is fabulous and will be very practical. Thanks for sharing your scrappy shawl - that is a winner!

  3. Anonymous2/05/2008

    I love your use of color - both with the shawl and the scarf (I'm a big fan of greens personally!)

  4. nice projects! I think the trim is great on the hat. I tend to add a bit of edging to almost every project - it just gives it a "finsihed" look and feel to me.

  5. Thanks for posting instructions for your scrappy shawl! I think I'll use all my laceweight and fingering scraps to make this.


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