Winter Wonderland..

Snowing again.

In this city people have an idea of what winter is really suppose to be like, but only experience it about every 15-20 years. It lives in peoples memories and stories passed down.

This Winter has been Bright, Icy, Cold and Snowy.

Everything you would want in a winter.

During one dog walk, with the cold air blowing and snowflakes dancing across my cheeks a flood of memories came back to me from my childhood.

Icicles hanging from houses, snowmen, and snow angels, wet mittens and socks.

A chance to get all of my hand knitted items out and wear them. Walking down the street in a Elizabeth Zimmerman inspired ski sweater that I have only worn twice. (really warm)

So many winter memories, snow ball fights and forts, the dogs experience their first snow and romp and play.

The sun is blinding, I have forgotten how bright it can be when there is snow, and the sky is a beautiful clear blue. A blue I want to knit with.

I pick up my needles and yarn to knit something to wear another magical winter.

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  1. Lovely. I went to Notre Dame and have a magical memory of walking around campus when it looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Enjoy.


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