Frogging again...

Ok I have been working on the Bridesmaid wrap sleeves, I have them both done. I switched back to the body, and it's not making me happy. As my husband knows, when I say that it means we are repainting the wall (example LOL). So I am frogging the body. It is done in a K1, P1 ribbing on #11 needles, arms are one in SS on #8's. They don't look good together, and the ribbing is already stretching too much, (body knitted side to side). So I am trying to decide, make it but change the pattern in the body? I was looking at a bird stitch, which I saw in a magazine but cannot find online. or........make it into a hoodie, I think if I do the later I will just knit it on the fly. 



  1. You must have more patience than me. I would have frogged the whole project by now and found either a new pattern to use made one up. Good Luck!

  2. Anonymous2/08/2008

    You're one patient knitter - I'm really impressed with the care - I think I'd have given up before now (I've the patience of a goldfish!) I love the colors too - can't wait to see it all finished.


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