Moss on the trail scarf pattern

I have not gotten much knitting done lately. Just busy with other things. I always have my knitting at work, but have been teaching others lately, and find I can't knit and teach, I feel like a prairie dog, popping up and down.

But my co- workers made me promise to finish the Puce scarf, they claim since I started it we have had record amount of snow and ice.

So it is done, now no longer name Puce, but a more springy name of: Moss on the trail scarf. Now that it is done may spring begin!!

Moss on the Trail Scarf pattern

I used 5 balls of Ara From Dale of Norway, it is a thick/thin spun colorway of green It is called Herb Garden.

Crocheted scarf pattern
Yarn amt. approx 250 yd's
Yarn type bulky
Hook see yarn label for recommendation
Chain for about 55 inches for myself, shorter or longer, to your liking
Row 1 sc in 2nd chain from hook, *chain 1, skip 1 chain, sc in next chain* continue until at end, end with a sc in last stitch and then chain 3 and turn
Row 2 sc in first stitch, *chain one, skip one stitch, sc in next stitch*, continue until at end of row, end with a sc in last stitch and then chain 3 and turn.
Repeat Row 2 until you A) run out of yarn or B) the scarf is wide enough.

I used all 5 skeins and my scarf turned out to be 10 inches wide and approx 48 inches long. It is lightweight.

And I like how textural it turned out.

I also finished my little Crappy bag for Dog walking.

I used one ball of GGH sportlife 50g 85 m

in a dark green.

I sc using a I hook around and around until I thought I was done.

Used a twisted handle, due to the fact that I had no more yarn for a crochet strap.
So now I can stylishly carry my poo home, well not my poo, my puppy poo.

Thanks to YarnPath for the idea. Her pattern is so pretty I am going to use it to store my jewelry in. More on that later.

Let spring begin...soon

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  1. So that's why spring hasn't come?!

    I walk out everyday and hover over my garden. Only my crocuses have popped out and even they are refusing to open. Hopefully soon! I can't wait to start planting and pruning.

    Your doggy bag is great and the texture really looks good on the scarf.


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