Another Felted Bag: Knotted Up Bag

I saw this bag in Bags That Rock and fell in love with it. It is a nice across the body, slouchy bag, with an easy style.

From the beginning I had trouble deciding if I needed to knit it one stranded, (this looked much too thin), or double stranded, (oops, not enough yarn).

Like any bewildered knitter, I just put my head down and started over.004 All of the pieces done, I wasn’t happy with the thinness of the yarn knitted up, but I kept going. Single crochet around all of the pieces.

007 Now we sc the pieces together.

008 And add the bottom, oops, the bottom is much too small!! I sc several rows around to make it fit, and then sewed it in.

009 (2) All together and ready to felt!! Now the fun really begins…

025 All fuzzy and drying. It did end up to be quit thick and ready to finish up. I plan to get some fabric to line it with and haven’t decided on how to finish the closure. (zip, snap?)

026 Straps are long enough to be worn across the body, the straps are knotted at the top, so the length is up to you.

016 Penny got bored along the way and decided to catch a nap in her favorite corner.

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…

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  1. Wow, it came out great! And larger than drumstick size *grin*

  2. I love it. What a great job you did.

  3. Nice and fuzzy! You did great! I need to look into that book...


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