Somewhere in a cabin in the woods, a knitter knits

We took a much needed vacation into the woods, I found a great genuine log cabin to rent, we took a week and tried to regain some sanity.


So with some hiking and some knitting, reading and relaxing in the plans, we start off.

The cabin is located in a forrest of 23,000 hand planted pine trees planted over 50 years ago.


Yes look very closely, that little speck is my husband. Truly magnificent, the pines that is, well maybe my husband also.

Some knitting to be done

089  After a long day of hiking, and yes my feet are on a hot tub on our screen in back porch. What more could you need? A pond, yes we had that also.


More hiking 132 See my husband there??

135 and here? (at Ash cave)

Well you have to take some knitting when you hike.

182 Knitting on my Sailor’s Delight socks. (at old man’s cave)

245 And yes, my husband again, I see the back of him during all of our hiking adventures. ( at Cantwell Cliffs)

More hiking

280 Great wilderness

215 How many dragonflies do you see?

All of these photos were taken in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio, this is a wonderful area. You can stay in a tipi, castle, tent, cabin, cottage, bed and breakfast, or about any other place you can think of, as fancy or plain as you need.

A great area, to stay, hike, and relax.

May you needles fly as fast as dragonflies.


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to relax!

  2. What a beautiful place! It sounds like the perfect vacation spot.

  3. A hot tub!? OMG, you totally were roughing it, weren't you? :D Sounds like a fantastic time and beautiful scenery. oh, the envy...

  4. That place looks beautiful!

  5. Your vacation sounds heavenly! Such a beautiful place for you to hike and get away from it all :) I'm surprised you didn't head up into Michigan but instead went to Ohio. I'm glad you did, though, because I've never seen any pictures of that area.

  6. Wow! It looks like a wonderful place to sit and relax. So glad you had a great time.

  7. What a beautiful place to vacation - and spectacular pictures - I love the one of the Tall Forest Trees.
    Looks like you really took advantage and relaxed; because I only noticed your husband doing all the hiking in all the pics!

  8. looks divine! So you're in Hocking Hills--not terribly far from me. I've been there, but its been several years.

  9. Can I be jealous?!!! what beautiful shots!!!

  10. beautiful pics! Love the pine trees. I remember the pine barrens in southern NJ when I was growing up - kinda looked like that! {:-Deb

  11. Wow! I was thinking how wonderful it would be to hike here. It's even more wonderful to see that it's in Ohio. Will have to check it out sometime. Glad you got some knitting done too!

  12. That looks like my kind of vacation!


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