Rasta Headband and Hippy Headband, to keep you cool and good looking during the summer

I’ve been crocheting lately, a good stash buster, and fun and fast.

rasta headband

Well you get the idea, you don’t have to have dreads to wear this, I love them for camping, and gardening, anytime I need to cover my hair and look good.

Here are two patterns for headbands.


Rasta Headband

Made with just a small amount of acrylic yarn.

Crochet hook: size advised on yarn label, I used a G.

chain 72 stitches, 80 if you want it loose or have a lot of hair.

Single crochet all around, joining chain, begin careful not to twist when joining.

Continue single crochet until you have about 5 inches or more, depending on your need or amount of yarn. I think it would look cool with strips, bright ones!

Ta da, now weave in ends and no bad hair days for you!

Hippy Headband


I made this from 100% natural cotton yarn, soft and pretty.

As above but make this only 4 or 6 rows wide.

And my favorite, my colorful hippy-Rasta headband!

I crocheted this one like the turquoise one above but added a row of dc chain 3 dc, and then return to the sc all around on the next row, you could add this in several times to make it sassy.

028 (2)

Now go out there and get funky!

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  1. Ahem... and where's the pic of the model (you!) wearing the aforementioned headband? Looks like a great idea... will have to keep this post and this pattern. Found a neat little top pattern the other day... for crochet... been thinking about whether or not I want to go back to crochet for a while. I love the top, but not really thrilled about crocheting it!

    It's Pattern #: 90441AD on the Lion Brand Yarn website. Let me know what you think!


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