Spoiler Alert…

Just a peak of what I’ve been up to…
My brother is getting married and I’ve been busy…
No knitting has occurred, well that’s not entirely true, I have been knitting some dish cloths. I find that is good knitting when I’m stuck on my projects. So I still have the Iced sweater, with not enough yarn to finish it. I’m frowning at it, as I don’t want to frog it, I have found more yarn on EBay and may buy it. (what else am I going to do?)
I still have my toe up socks that are in the knitting bag, not sure why I stopped those.
Evidently I’m getting surgery, my thyroid nodule, has now grown . Not sure when, still haven’t seen the surgeon, you know how that goes, precertification etc.….
I’m hoping for some energy out of all of this.
More later
Get your knitting needles out, and I’ll try to also.


  1. Good luck on all fronts! I know you will come through this better than ever! :)

  2. It's no fun waiting around but it's always fun keeping busy! I hope all goes well.

  3. Hope everything turns out okay. Good luck with the surgery!

  4. Anonymous6/14/2011

    A quilt! Quilts are such lovely wedding gifts. Which reminds me, I need to get cracking on the quilt I want to make for my friends getting married in Dec. Thanks!

  5. This quilt is gorgeous!!

    Call me when you can!



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