Wedding Quilt

My brother is getting married, and after much consideration, I decided to make a quilt. I haven’t made one for a number of years, so I asked much advice on the pattern.

It is a fine line between too simple and too complicated. *grin*  I liked the Irish Chain quilt pattern, From the simple single pattern to the more complicated looking triple pattern, it leaves quilt a bit of room for creativity. So I set the four patch blocks alternatively with plain squares.


Current documentation on the Irish Chain quilt pattern indicates that it was developed in America in the early 1800s. Quilt historian Barbara Brackman, states that 1814 is the earliest known date for this pattern. She goes on to say, Dated examples appear consistently across the decades, indicating the design's popularity throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This quilt pattern leaves a nice solid space between the chains to display the maker's needlework skills. Choice of fabric design and color can give this quilt many different looks.


I ultimately decided to add a Star into the spaces, the only star I have ever made was the Sun Rays quilt block, (I’m sure it has another name, sawtooth?), so I decided, since I was on a timeline to use that one.

Quilting, (don’t look to closely) 013

And the end result….


The happy couple with their quilt!

Yay! Now back to knitting….


  1. That is an impressive finish! Way to go!

  2. Perfect in every way!

  3. Beautiful quilt! Quilting doesn't seem to be my thing, but I do love the end results. Great job!

  4. Looks good!

    Wow! It seems like you can do anything!

    Drawing! Quilting! Knitting!


  5. What a lovely present. They will enjoy it for years to come.

  6. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt!! Oh, I'm so impressed with you. How DO you manage to work full time and still get so much knitting, dyeing, spinning, quilting and painting it? Besides having a hubby too! You're a veritable Wonder Woman!

  7. Very beautiful! Fantastic creation!


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